We are now in our last week of our Squat for September challenge!! I hope that you have all been following on along with the weekly challenges and I hope you have all seen those bottoms looking much peachier!

So now for our last challenge and it is going to be a tough one. Instead of completing a certain amount of reps you will perform the exercises in a circuit.

Week 4 Circuit

You will perform 3-5 circuits and perform 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second rest in-between exercises. At the end of each complete circuit rest for 1-2 minutes.

Squat Jump 30 secs

Alternating lunge 30 sec ( to make this move harder turn it into a jump lunge )

Weighted step up 30 sec ( step up onto a solid surface that is at least as high as your shins)

Weighted curtsy squat 30 secs 

Squat with a front kick 30 secs ( squat down and as you come up just perform a front kick and then squat back down again, make sure you alternate your legs)

All these moves will get your heart rate going, get you sweating and tone up that butt!

She squats!!

She squats!!


Remember to get involved, send us pics and vids via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just #squatforseptember

Next month as well as the normal fitness posts we will start on our next challenge to get that upper body into shape!!!