So girls, break ups are hard aren’t they? Wether it was a mutual agreement or not it sucks! Maybe you fell out of love maybe you didn’t, maybe someone cheated maybe you just grew apart. What ever has happened it’s still isn’t easy right?

Now some people get knocked down and some people pick themselves right back up again. I like to think of myself as the latter. Who wants to wallow in self pity and become a wreck? What you need to do is get yourself completely back out there. Not to show them what they are missing but to show yourself that you still have what it takes. Nothing feels better then getting a new outfit, getting big hair and big heels. Don’t be that girl that opens the ice cream and stays in for weeks crying along to Bridget jones thinking this will be you forever. You are the creator of your own destiny now so just STOP! Look in that mirror and remember who you used to be. You need your glow back so when people see you they say, ‘WOW you look amazing’. Not, ‘jeeez you need a face pack and hair wash babe’……who says that break ups have to be bad and you have to put life on the back burner??…No I didn’t think so either.

Now first step get yourself a fab shampoo and conditioner, get some shine and glow back into that unkempt hair Рsalon brand РKérastase Resistance Bain Volumifique РThickening Effect Shampoo Р250ml

High street- lee Stafford


(Remember to always give you hair 2 shampoos as the first one gets all the dirty bits off your scalp and the second shampoo will completely cleanse the hair.)

Get some rollers in or give your hair a gorgeous curl with your Ghd’s and spritz with a good hair spray after, I’m in love with the smell of got2be hairspray available in most high street shops.¬†image




(While the rollers are in spray them slightly for added hold)

Pop them heels on and a bit of lippy, meet your favourite ones out and sip some cheeky cocktails. When you have your girls you stand as one!
P.s if you are wanting to be a completely brand new sex siren, why not go the whole way and completely change your look! I am loving the Schwartzkof colours at the moment and as it is autumn why not try their intense range.image

Remember that colour doesn’t lift colour so if you are dark with a pre existing colour on your hair you will need to have this pre lightened before to achieve the colour desired. ( I would reccomend speaking to your hairdresser for any advise needed with this part.)

You’re hair is your crown, let it turn you into the princess you are!


K x