So girls, last weekend I was in my absolute element among hundreds of other hairdressers at Salon international in Londons Excel. Basically everyone comes together with new products, hair shows, demonstrations and you can bag yourself a right bargain! I won’t even discuss the fact it took 4 girls 5 hours to get from Portsmouth to London (oops)!

Now, I found a product range while walking amongst the amazing delights to my eyes called Eleven Australia. The guy was an Aussie who introduced me to these products and not only did I fall in love with him a little bit I actually fell in love with the whole look of the products. The way the products were displayed, the way the packaging looked fresh and the smell as he described as ‘summer in a bottle’. These products have been out for a while but haven’t been launched in the UK as of yet. Obviously after getting some goodies and the guy creating a package for my blonde locks I researched them as soon as I got home. They didn’t dissapoint me at all. Even their Twitter and Instagram page had me engrossed.

Here is what I came home with after a little consultation….


Hydrate my hair moisture shampoo- nourishing and moisturising with anti fade for colour protection.

Miracle hair treatment-moisturising and hydrating. Great for all hair types, from frizz to fly always.

Keep my colour treatment blonde- blonde boosting, adds shine and hydrates. Refreshes dull tones and adds natural shine.

Give me hold flexible hairspray- workable spray used for shaping and finishing without weighing hair down.


Now girls I have used the keep my colour treatment for blonde hair after the hydrate my hair moisture shampoo and it was fab. The smell is amaze and my hair felt so soft it was brill. I also normally use a silver shampoo to take out golden tones but the guy recommended I wouldn’t need it with this treatment and I really didn’t. I love the fact it kept my extensions feeling super soft too and because the products are sulphate free were so much better for them! All in all I am loving this brand. My mini hairspray will be accompanying me out this weekend in my clutch and the treatment I will be using once a week so will let you all know how it goes :). I can honestly say I cannot wait for them to launch here properly.

Here is what Eleven Australia say-

Eleven Australia is a brand for the young and the young at heart. A fresh approach to professional shampoos and conditioners, treatments, styling and lifestyle products. Made from high performance ingredients without the excessive price tag. – go check them out

So what a great day at salon international I must say, found some new products and got some fab goodies! Here is me after using Eleven Australia – happy Kellie





Also here are a few little pics from the weekend!




Till the next time….check them out let me know what you think.      Love K x