With Halloween just around the corner, there will be plenty of you planning your entrance to halloween parties with a daring costume. If you have not yet found inspiration, or have a last minute invite to a great party, you don’t want to miss out because of the ‘I dont know what to wear dilemma’. Possibly some of you will be thinking ‘how far should I actually go with a costume’?.  You dont after all want to be embarressed, showing up to a halloween party, with the scenario where you are the only person in the room in a costume, let alone, in a cat woman costume (yes this is my story, this happened). The utterley cringe moment, where you walk in to the room, dressed head to toe in fancy dress, and the rest of the party goers decided they would opt out of ‘dressing up’! Gulp, yes you don’t want this, but my advice is, if you are going to go for costume, go all out and dont worry about what people think of you. After all, halloween is supposed to fun (for the adults too) dress up and use your imagination. It can be a great talking point, if you dont know many people at the party, and you can always hide behind your ‘character’, if you like. Although, dont go too method actor on us, especially if you have decided to dress like Freddy Kreuger or Leather Face, eeeek!

Hoping I can make you feel more reassured, in your venture in finding the perfect halloween outfit, I will share with you some of my attempts at halloween outfits, over the years. One thing I would say is, dont worry if you dont want to spend too much money on a costume, or you dont have time to plan it. One year, I decided to pick my costume up on the evening of the party, because I forgot to get organised. I ended up purchasing a union jack flag from Camden Market, and wrapped it round me and claimed I was going as Ginger Spice. Yea who cares, just have fun with it.

Ginger spice ish

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cat womancat woman 2










My personal favourite……. zombie nurse.

zombie nurse 2zombie nurse 3










Halloween picks













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Last minute tricks and treats











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Love Polly x