January joys? Really? January can be a time when we are still feeling a little dimmed from the last months celebrations and suffering from our struggling gym routine, wrecked resolutions, detox damnation, cold, flu, depression and just a general feeling of the lack of summer sun. But you know, I like to see January as a month to stand firmly on top of my mountain and spend some time thinking about what I’ve have achieved my life and where I am going.

Bright colours keep you feeling happy, especially red

Bright colours keep you feeling happy, especially red

I am a ‘January Birthday babe’ so I see this month as being a time to have fun in. Yep… I know it’s cold, but rather than staying in and watching depressing TV and thinking about all the things you haven’t got, what about spending some time ‘counting your Blessings?’

I love TV, the internet, fashion magazines and such like but sometimes you can be left feeling a failure because of all the things you don’t have… So why not take this opportunity during some long cold nights to think of all the things you DO have along with what you have already achieved. Make a list and you will be surprised – I promise you!


Example: OK… I (still) don’t have a boyfriend/husband – But I Do have tons of great friends and the opportunity to go out when I want!

Example: I don’t have a pair of expensive shoes – But when I flicked through a copy of Elle at the dentist I saw a pair of identical shoes that I already have, except mine are from Primark not Prada.

Example: I am still not happy with my weight and not doing very well on my diet – But I do look great with a new hairstyle and shade I decided to try.

Example: I am still in massive debt –  But I am taking steps to get out of it by being honest with myself and addressing the situation by doing this…. (You fill in)

Sometimes you have to ‘spin to win’, by that I mean disperse of the January blues by spinning the negative thoughts into a much better positive thought.


So take some time this month to encourage yourself by reading an autobiography by someone you admire, watch a film that inspires you, spend time with your favourite friends who love and get ready to have a fabulous 2015! Woohoo… Make that list and Bring it on.. 🙂 x


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