Hell dear dear MIW’S MIMS (Thats Miss Independent Woman’s Miss Independent Mum’s!)

I am back with you…now complete with a daughter who is 5 months old and has the makings of a true Miss Independent Woman herself!

2 weeks late and born via Induction (although this time no pre-eclampisa, forceps or vontouse needed hurrrahh!) she popped out into the world with a big yell and scream surprising myself and the bearded one. Again we never found out the sex of baby 2 and what an absolutely amazing surprise it was to finally meet her.


Having un aided birth this time was just amazing. Having watched her come out with my own eyes, I was back at my home town hospital within 6 hours and enjoying the whole newborn process all over again. This time, there was no shell shock or panic. It was beautiful – calm – serene and just perfect. I felt euphoric and like I was on the biggest high of my life.

I’m putting this all down to being a mum of one and having a hard time health and emotionally wise with Fin. It literally knocked me for six and I did not recover from my birth with him for quite some time. The impact having a baby and that baby coming into my life 4 years ago was such a huge force, I can only now understand what I was going through and understand my feelings.

Back to baby 2 (Baby Elsie), and I am carrying her around and changing her like a pro. Letting her feed pretty much 24 hours that 1st night (I did not get any sleep) but when my milk came in, just having the most wonderful time feeding her. And when Finley met her sister….well….it was love at 1st sight.


I also fell in love with my boy all over again and wished I could take back the 6 months around his birth.  I would hold him more, tell him I loved him more. I wouldn’t cry so much and I would embrace the whole experience. But that is coming from a more understanding place and I see now that I needed to go through that to get to this place for Elsie so she could enter our crazy household with ease and fit right in

I walked through the door 1 day after she arrived, plonked her into the front room and went and made a cuppa before reading a story to Finley and having bedtime cuddles.

It was a new adventure for all of us but this time an adventure I cherished. I think I have had the post baby cry once – probably because I haven’t had time to cry – but because I now accept that this is kind of how is it going to be. It is gonna be tough, I am going to have to draw on my strength inside and from my amazing family and friends but this time I know its going to be ok. I wont break, I am not a bad mum and if it gets tough, I just need to ask for help

My posts as a new mum of 2 will reflect this and how I manage to keep some sort of sanity amongst the piles of baby sick, washing, lego, food and mess of the house and I hope you come along with me to join the highs and lows


Keep your comments coming, would to hear from any mums to be, new mums, dab hand mums and non mums or even dads. It’s been crazy but I am loving it 🙂

Love L x