Booty Bootcamp…….eeeek it’s here!!! We are finally ready to start day 1 of the Booty Bootcamp!

Have you always wanted a firmer, rounder and perkier behind? Do you want to fill out those jeans? Do you want to be able to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money If you answered yes then you are in the right place!!

For the whole of February we are going to be working hard on building our butts.

What you will need for day 1 of Booty Bootcamp:

  • weights (you can use dumbbells/barbell/kettlebell) PLEASE make sure that you use a weight that challenges you!!
  • timer

I want you to set a timer for 30 secs of work for 5 exercises AND you will repeat these 5 exercises 5 times. At the end of each circuit rest for 1 minute.

It’s going to be challenging but you can do it! Click on the exercise for video links of how to perform all the exercises correctly.

  1. weighted squat

Dumbbell squat

  1. weighted curtsy lunge

Cursty lunge

  1. weighted plie squat
Curtsy squats

Plie squats

  1. weighted reverse lunge

Dumbbell reverse lunge

  1. weighted side lunges

Dumbbell side lunge

I will be doing the workout and posting it on the MIW facebook page and my personal training page. Join in with us during Booty Bootcamp using #miwbooty and #ehfitness and lets get building those booty’s!!!

Elly xx