Lets take a look at what is going to be hot this Spring, I know you’re probably thinking I am being a bit eager, as it’s still only February, but you will be thanking me for the heads up, when it’s time to change your winter wardrobe, and get ready for the next biggest trend alert !!!

Now we all know that the 60’s has been on trend for a while, and this is one of my absolute favourite trends, because it’s flirty, feminine and sassy. Now its time to pave the way for the 70’s, set to make a big comeback next season. This means we need to get ready to embrace the flares, slouchy pants, gingham, denim, floral dresses, mini skirts and hipster outfits. For some of us, this is going against our entire style (like our trusted skinnies !!), but once you adjust and find the right looks for you, you will soon become a 70’s siren- think Charlies Angels.






The greatest thing about following the latest trend is you could add small touches to your wardrobe, which give a subtle nod to the 70’s, or you could dive right in and embrace the 70’s flare, and have fun with the prints.

70’s inspiration

Here are the looks from the catwalks inspiring me- notice that bold colours are key, along with the return of flowing shaggy hair. Get those rollers out girls and go tousled  ! X















Celeb beauties like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are icons at getting the retro trend spot on. I love their style because they put their individual spin on it, and know where to get all the best vintage pieces. Their style is achievable on a budget also- you just need to know what to keep an eye out for.

Get the look on the high street….



Topshop is definiately ticking all the boxes when it comes to bringing out your 70’s side. These are a few favourite pieces which have caught my eye.

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