Taking a picture for me was all about capturing a funny moment, where I could look back at the memory and smile! I loved to take photographs of me and my beautiful family and friends.

When social media was born, so was the need to seek perfect pictures. I must admit I love to use a filter on Instagram, but with access to airbrushing apps enabling us slim & retouch ourselves to perfection, have we taken it too far?

I find myself picking faults at my appearance, I almost didn’t share a beautiful photo of me and my daughter, because I didn’t like the lines around my eyes when I smiled.

When did we become so hard on ourselves? Have we really began to measure our value on how many likes we can get on our pictures?

I had to share this experiment created by Dove, when I saw it I cried.

You are more beautiful than you think !x

Written by Victoria Picton (VP)