I am back!! So after being away for a few months I have returned with new challenges, blogs, workouts and much more!

Before I get started on July’s challenge I thought I would reintroduce myself to you MIW girls. My name is Elly Hill and I am MIW’s resident Personal Trainer and fitness blogger.  I love fitness, I love working out but I especially love lifting weights, I am a meat-head at heart! I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and I love it. One of the best things about my job is that I get to write blogs for MIW which means I can reach out to all you lovely people and help you get fit and stay fit!

Standard gym bathroom selfie! Rocking my Gorilla Sports muscle tee!

Standard gym bathroom selfie! Rocking my Gorilla Sports muscle tee!

What better way to get back into things than a brand new challenge! This time it is a challenge with a difference, no set workouts, no routines and no diet (hooray!). July’s challenge is all about getting up and active each and every day. It doesn’t matter what you do, go to a class, go for a run, lift some weights, cycle, walk the dog etc as long as you get active for 30 minutes every day during July.

Why is this a challenge worth doing? This challenge will show you that you can fit in 30 minutes of activity every day, you don’t need expensive equipment or gym membership, or babysitters or top of the range clothing, all you need is 30 minutes! I have gotten my 30 minutes in already by walking my daughter to school this morning and now I am set up for the rest of the day.


Here at MIW we love a bit of interaction so get involved! Let us know what you are doing for your daily fitness and we will feature you on our Facebook page! You can also get involved via Twitter and Instagram using #JulyFit

No excuses ladies! There is no time like the present so lets get up and lets get active!

For more information you can check out my own Facebook page and my website!

Elly xx