Apologies for the gap in blogs but I’m now back blogging on a weekly basis, hooray!!

So as you all know I love lifting! I love squats, bench and deadlifts aka The Big Three. Not only are these lifts the most awesome lifts of all time but the benefits (aesthetically and physically) are off the chain!  The best thing about these three lifts is that they hit multiple muscle groups and they give you the biggest bang for your buck! Maximum results with minimum time spent in the gym.

The Squat 

Look it's me!!

Look it’s me!!

The ultimate lift for leg strength! Increase strength, size, power, agility and explosiveness and build yourself a hot ass and killer pins! Legs that make people stop and stare are built by squats!

Now I like to squat with a barbell and I go deep and heavy but there are other awesome squat variations that you can do; goblet squats, front squats, pause squats, tempo squats ……as you can see the list is endless!

Bench press 

bench pressing!!

bench pressing!!

Many women overlook this lift but do so at your peril! Bench pressing is one of those exercises that hits muscles all over your body. Obviously it’s great for building up your chest and making it a bit tighter and firmer. It will also hit your shoulders, lats, core and legs (if you bench powerlifting style).

Most gyms will have benching stations and barbells. If you don’t have access to barbells you can use Dumbbells, kettle bells and cables to hit your chest.


Me again pulling my deadlift face!

Me again pulling my deadlift face!

My favourite lift of them all! There is nothing more exhilarating, liberating and soul awakening than gripping a heavy bar and grinding it up off the floor (can you tell I love them?!).

The deadlift is awesome to watch, it’s awesome to do and it’s awesome for hitting every muscle in your posterior chain aka all the muscles down the backside of you. It will strengthen your spine, glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, shoulders, arms….umm I think that’s it!

As a woman I love being able to deadlift over twice my bodyweight! It’s good for the body and good for the soul!

As always before starting any exercise programme it’s important to make sure you seek out guidance and education from a trained fitness professional like me! These lifts need to be instructed correctly so that they’re safe to perform!  

Once you’ve gotten to grips with technique you’ll love seeing those weights fly up week after week.

For next weeks blog post I would love for you lovely people to tell me what you would like me to blog about, it can be anything fitness and health related so send in your suggestions!!

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