When I was young, I was fortunate that my gorgeous mum passed on a wealth of beauty tips & advice to me, some of which I only really started to understand as I grew older. One thing I’ll always remember her saying was, ‘make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise’ and ‘look after these (rubbing her hands), they’re the first place to show signs your getting old’.

Two years ago I became a mum to my beautiful daughter, my hands were constantly in water. I was either washing them, washing her, washing up or washing something! My hands got so dry the skin was splitting! I suddenly realised what my mum was talking about all those years ago, my hands were starting to look warn.

With the fear my hands would start to put years on me, not to mention becoming quite sore and dry, I went in search for a treatment that could lend me a hand (#soznotsoz) to replenish and help me sort them out.

As well as discovering lots and lots of different moisturisers promising the World at silly prices, I discovered the very interesting  Pro skins Anti-ageing gloves’ – a revolutionary new anti-ageing beauty treatment that uses 24 Karat gold ..Yes 24 karat GOLD in the yarn which apparently helps the skin to naturally create Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – a substance naturally present in the skin that plays a key role in skin health and youth.

The ‘miracle gloves’ apparently reduce the appearance of ageing, anti-oxidants, moisturise, avoid wrinkles and help skin recover it’s youth and elasticity. 

Feeling some what skeptical that wearing a pair of gloves to bed for 7 nights will miraculously revert the signs of ageing, I got in touch with the lovely peps at Proskins who kindly sent me a pair along with a an anti ageing Eye mask to trial as well!



My first impression on receiving the products was the attention to detail, the gorgeous gift wrapped packaging made me feel I was receiving a luxurious pamper present! Once I unravelled the paper the gloves felt silky, soft and really thin, they were so comfortable to wear like a second skin, which is perfect and practical as they’re intended to be worn through the night.


Night one – Excited to slip on my new gloves, I snuck into bed with them on, only to be met by a garage of constant jokes from hubby about being cold, robbing banks and practising mime LOL, truth is it does initially feel a little funny to wear black gloves to bed but actually because they’re so light and so damn comfortable it’s really quite nice.

FullSizeRender 2

After 2 nights- Impressively my hands went from dry and corse to feeling softer to touch!

3 nights – The sores on my hands healed and the softeness of my skin sustained throughout the day even after washing my hands.

4 nights – The skin appeared smoother and appeared to be what I can describe as plumped out.

7 nights- I was genuinely amazed the corse dry skin on my knuckles & particularly the back of my hand felt silky soft leaving my skin feeling really hydrated.

Before the treatment

Before the treatment

7 days after the treatment

7 Days later 

Priced at £45.00 I really think they’re worth every penny, they don’t just last 7 days you can wear them continuously, or use them a couple of times a week as a treatment.

I’m not sure how effective they’d be in getting smoothing out really deep lines like the ones around my wrist, however I can see in 7 days a significant difference, they’ve hydrated my skin and that will definitely help prevent dryness and ageing in the future! 

I am genuinely impressed by this incredible product.

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