You work hard at the gym. You are on point with your nutrition. In fact you are looking damn hot!! You can lift heavy shit and you do it well… why are we so embarrassed about showing off our hard work?!

Social media is a prime example of “fit shaming”. Women will post a photo showing off that pert posterior or a chiselled six pack and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the negative comments to come flooding in! It seems that it is now socially acceptable to criticise someone for wanting to stay healthy and look good!

The worst comments come from the people who say that showing off a defined, tight body is bad because you are upsetting the people who don’t work out! Say what?!

I know that we should all stay fit and active for our health but the main reason why the majority of us workout is so we can a) feel better and b)look better!

Ladies! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good! Do not be ashamed of it. When someone asks why you work out you tell them loud and proud “I want to be strong and look hot!”.

You should be proud that you put in all this hard work. Getting up early to fit gym sessions in before work, missing nights out to hit that late night deadlift session, that’s dedication.

fit shaming is as bad as fat shaming

If you are on the receiving end of this negativity just rise above it! Do not let it bring you down, do not feel like you have to explain your actions, you don’t! Say NO to fit shaming!

Keep grinding at the gym, keep up with your nutrition and most of all stay proud!

Elly xx

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