I love lifting weights ( I don’t know how many times I have started a blog with this sentence!!). I love it for many reasons, too many to list in one blog anyway! What is even more satisfying than my own love of lifting is my daughters.

My awesome 10 year old daughter took up Olympic weightlifting this year and she loves it, hooray!!

All of the gang at weightlifting

All of the gang at weightlifting

Now obviously this makes me overjoyed as it is a huge passion in my life and now we can share the joys of competing and hitting PB’s together but it goes far, far beyond that for me and for her.

One of the other main (and possibly more important reasons) that I am thrilled that she loves lifting is that it is going to teach her that being strong mentally and physically is one of the most important things in life.

I’ll never forget her first comp. She was the youngest there and the first one to lift. She failed that first lift and burst into tears, my heart broke watching her face full of disappointment BUT a few minutes later she was back on the platform and nailed every other lift!! I was more proud of her for carrying on than I was of her for entering the competition.

Being able to deal with training and competition highs and lows is teaching her that what is important is how you come back from a bad session or a bad comp. She knows that what she does after a fail is what counts and it fills me with pride to see her come back time after time, getting more confident and more strong.

I have always told her that she should be proud of her strength and her strong body, I am teaching her that she should always be unapologetically strong. Be proud and be fearless.

I hope that these skills she is learning through her love of lifting will transfer over into all aspects of her life and teach her that there is nothing better than being a strong, proud and independent young woman.

Hats off to all the girls and women out there pushing themselves in their sport, in their workouts and in their lives!! I salute you!!

Elly XX

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