I took on a 12 week bikini body building challenge to tone up my post baby body !

Juggling breast feeding, sleepless nights & finding time for my husband, getting back in shape was a challenge.  

Once I got into the swing of motherhood & established a routine, I craved some much needed me time.

As with any kind of quest for a healthy lifestyle, support is a major factor to succeeding. I wanted to achieve a complete lifestyle change, to kick unhealthy eating habits and tone up my body. I decided to look for some expert help !

Through my research I came across a UK based Fitness Coach Michelle Brannan, Michelle is a IFBB Professional Athlete & Founder of UK’s number 1 Bikini Fitness training team Showgirl Fitness .  

Michelle’s had enormous success in her own professional fitness career and in helping people achieve their goals, training all levels of fitness goers from girls & guys preparing to compete for titles, to people like me who want to get to the best possible fitness.

Since 2013 SGF have won 113 top 6 trophies making them the top leading Bikini fitness training team in the Uk!!

The 12 week challenge –

First I took pictures of myself in a bikini & measured my body in inches to send to Michelle, we then exchanged a few emails to discover what I was hoping to achieve, along with all my medical history. A couple of days later [whilst munching away on a margarita pizza] my training plan arrived I was so excited !!!

I was given passwords to access The Show Girl Fitness website, it was a fairly simple website to get to grips with, it helps if you have some computer knowledge.

The website held a wealth of knowledge that Michelle’s learned over her career with step by step guide & techniques of all the training.

In signing up I also became part of Show Girls closed Facebook group, where other members openly chat and share their progress,support and motivation for each other.

My personal program was split into monthly plans & constantly changed, leaving me no time to get bored. What I loved about the nutrition plan was that I could choose my favourite foods from a menu while making my own recipes.

I sent Michelle weekly progress pictures, along with measurements of my waist, hips, thighs and bi’s. It was like having a personal trainer 24 hours day, with her support and expertise knowledge on hand.

I had a basic knowledge of training which definitely helped. However in the first two weeks of me starting my plan I was counting the reps sequences wrong, meaning I was over training, definitely a little inexperience on my part. Once I messaged Michelle she corrected me. A few girls on the fb page assured me they had done the same so I didn’t feel so silly, I was so relieved my work outs weren’t going to take two & a half hours long twice a day.

Michelle’s disciplined approach and close monitoring help to keep me in check, always supportive regardless of the time of day or night.

The Big Prep !!!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!!

Although cooking so much food in one go seemed epic, it was so good to have every meal to hand, normally i’d be juggling mummy life where i’d cook for everyone else & forget to eat myself then devour a packet of biscuits. I had to eat every three hours and trained morning and night, so with hubby working away it really helped me to be organised.

Here’s a peep into my food diary –

Disclaimer – The food changed regularly & the menu below is just to give an example not the exact plan)

IMG_0794Sunday eve – I put Nova my daughter to bed 7.30pm –  I cooked 12 fresh meals which was three days worth of food and arranged into Tupperware pots to pop in the fridge.

 11pm– I finished cooking and went to bed !!

Monday –

07.30am – Meal 1 –

09.30 am – Train – Weights 1.5 hours

11.00 am – Post work out shake & banana

12.30 -Meal 2 – Protein veg and fats

3.30 – Meal 3 – Protien Veg and fats

6.30 – Meal 4 – Protein & veg

19.30 – Nova to bed

20.00 – Train / Hiit

21.00 – Protein shake

11 pm – Bed

Once a week I was allowed a cheat meal of my choice, I always wanted chocolate it was hard to control myself and if i’m honest I ended up demolishing half the packet of bickies..Nothing new!! But in my head  at least 6 days of the week I was being really good and working hard.

I really enjoyed the challenge, It was hard work and a complete lifestyle change but I’m so happy with the results!!


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