Moving in style…

Hello lovely ladies! I am finally writing to you from my new abode… having travelled all over and living out of a suitcase I am back in a suitably pink bedroom. After realising that no matter how much I stamped my feet and sat on my suitcase it wasn’t going to be  possible to pack all my wardrobe, I decided I would select a few key items…. here is my choice! (Because sadly, a Mary Poppin’s handbag hasn’t been invented yet!) Love, Emily x

Vitality Project

Mid-April I decided to set myself a challenge. One that seemed impossible from where I’m starting. That’s right I set myself the target to do a one handed handstand. This may seem a foolish aim, however, when I looked at Ido Portal doing his handstand and watched videos of all that his body could do I got a little jealous. Now I don’t know about you but jealousy doesn’t really work for me. It just makes me feel a little rubbish and mean at the same time which is a crap combo so I thought ‘time to do something about it!’ and I started the vitality project. Not only am I aiming to do that handstand but I’m also helping… Read More →

Conspire to Inspire

Well what a fancy old title. It just came to me so I thought I would use it. What I mean by it is simple, surround yourself with people that inspire you. I surround myself with inspiring women, kind of  for the first time in my life really. Previously I was looking for ‘the guy’ to fill the void and now I’m looking for inspiration, which right now is all my awesome women friends and all the limits they are stepping through. So girls, ladies, lovely women of all ages, conspire to inspire each other. Gather to not hold each other in limitation but liberation from the ideas and concepts we have grown up with about women, their place in… Read More →

Summer Starlet

What makes every summer memorable? Those romantic moments abroad, of course. Be it a first love like ‘Dirty Dancing’ , a timeless romance such as ‘Roman holiday’ or a love to last a lifetime like ‘The Notebook’, we all have our summer romance memories. And the best way to fall in love like our favourite screen starlet’s? Stealing their style! Wether its dressing cute like baby or as striking as Audrey Hepburn, take a look at the following inspired outfits to boost your summer wardrobe….Don’t forget girls, send me YOUR summer style combo’s and tweet to @MIWmagazine! Happy holidays, Love Emily x @esowden19

Vision of Loveliness

It’s vision board month infact because this is the perfect time of year to put out there what you truly desire from life. I was told by a friend a long time ago to envision what I want. The way she suggested to do this was by creating my very own vision board which you can find out how to do from the lovely article from Jan Ennis called Visual board. My friend that originally told me about them puts hers onto her desktop, phone and even her twitter background. Nothing like wholeheartedly sharing what it is that you want with the world. A few days ago I thought ‘right, I’m finally going to do one’ and when I started… Read More →

The black shoe

Platforms and sky high heels take a back seat as the classic black stiletto is back in trend this season. Keep it simple and sophisticated with a pointed toe and skinny heel. Dress with fitted cropped trousers and a blazer  to complete this gorgeous elegant look. I recently bought this gorgeous classic pair from Zara for £49.99 To prove their bang on trend here’s some looks straight from London Fashion Week wearing the classic black stiletto Temperley London Michael van der Ham  

Neon Lights

Time to make your spring wardrobe pop! (And no i’m not talking about zips and buttons…) but with bright neon shades. Either go all out in bold shades or why not subtly work the trend with bright accessories to brighten a black outfit or two? Both the catwalk and celebrity world can’t get enough of this latest trend, demonstrated by designers such as Christopher Kane and worn by celebrities such as J-Lo its time to get yourself on the neon scene. And what better way to get yourself ‘seen’ by wearing the beautiful finds below… and if that wasn’t enough why not listen to a fantastic electro pop singer Queen Of Hearts’ single  ‘Neon’ : Your welcome, Love Emily x… Read More →

Like a prayer

So, call me old fashioned, but I can’t stop seeing religious cross prints everywhere I go. And it seems that fashion retailers have got this fashion buzz down to a tea. Viewing their online collection I’m faced with pages of leather, lace and religious print outfits. The best thing? They are all affordable! Making it possible for you to kit yourself out as much as you like to give your wardrobe that Madonna feel. To really get the look team up textured layers such as lace dresses and leather jackets, accessorised with bowler hats and cross jewellery. And don’t forget this seasons must… black platforms! See below for my selection of ‘Prayer wear’ …. Love Emily x

Grungey V Girly

Are you a grunge girl, rocking converse and casual denim like Kate Moss? Or a girly girl, preferring heels and cutesy accessories like ‘our’ Cheryl? Well, with this seasons white dress from TFNC you don’t need to pick sides. Simply throw on a baseball jacket and converse for a casual urban look or strap into pink high heels for teen romance chic. Either way, at £42, this classic white dress is a MUST for the hotter weather…. mines on its way! Love Emily x