Adventure Awaits You!

Life is an adventure when treated that way. Today I thought I’d share with you an adventure I had in August. I was scared but did it anyway. This is my top advice to you. I had never ever done waterskiing before and was a little nervous to try but I said yes because life’s too short to hang around in the background or envy those that make more of their life. Saying Yes is so exciting because you don’t know what’s going to happen, in my experience usually fun and magic occurs. Say Yes to life, you never know where it might take you!

Of kors

           I want one, I need one, My excuse? I’ll be able to get everywhere on time..because ill have a watch. A pretty watch. Being this years official hottest accesory, you better get writing to santa for a Michael Kors watch before they run out! Times ticking! Love emily x Photos credit of littlethingswelike,

Ciate Christmas

One of the highlights of the christmas month…. chocolate. And not just any chocolate… the advent kind, yes I may be a little old for reindeer shaped chocolate, but who says no to that?! Definetly not me! ….. But thinking of cutting the calories this year? Then I have the perfect solution, wait for it…. Selfridges have given the almighty gift of Mini Mani Month advent calendar by Ciate the makers of beautiful nail polish! So, why not open yours everything morning and paint your mood?! … I want!! Happy painting, Emily x

Emily Sowden

Emily Sowden – Fashion blogger @ MIW Magazine Sections – High Street’s hottest/The MIW Look/Celebrity Styles                        Hello Ladies!  As a current fashion student in London I adore fashion and cant wait to share all the latest and personal posts with you! I will be posting about the MIW Look for all things fashion related, High Streets hottest for all the stylish girls out there and Celebrity styles to show you how you can achieve ANY look you want and live like a celeb! More about moi: Name – Emily  Nickname – Sowden Porn Star Name – Sissy Galore If I was I character on Friends I’d be -Phoebe Favourite Quote- “In… Read More →

Knitz & Glitz

Looking for a festive look this winter? Look no further! Team a baggy knit with glamorous jewellery for some sparkle this season! I adore this bobby dazzler of a necklace just £14.99 from new look and with buy one get one free, why not treat yourself to the yellow and pink?! Worn with this casual knit jumper from Topshop (£32.00) you can take on any occasion this christmas! Perfect for that easy, chic daytime to nighttime look.   Happy shopping girls! Love emily xxx     Jumper:   Necklace:

High Streets Hottest – Meet Ashleigh

Name: Ashleigh Smith Job: Sales Assistant at Republic Describe your style:  I believe in being unique, that’s why I have it tattooed across my neck! I think everyone should stand out and be true to their style and personality. Having traveled for most my life to such countries as Australia and Canada I’ve learnt to take a real mix of styles into my look and not to be afraid. This season’s must have: The must have for me this season is a pair of Jimmy Choo Ugg boots, I REALLY want some! Your message to all MIW readers: Get a reaction! any reaction bad or good is still a reaction, if your getting a reaction your doing something right. Stand… Read More →

Lindsey Best

Hello lovely, I’m Lindsey, the Love Monk. My job with MIW is to cheerlead you to dance to the beat of your own drum and help empower you to bring more oomph to your life so you can celebrate being a blooming goddess and not sweat the small stuff. I’m a life researcher so I go out there see how things work and report back. My background is in Yoga, meditation, Mind Detox and more but all of these things have led me to the same simple fact ‘Be happy with who you are right now’. I set my self goals, challenges and adventures to bring more freedom to my life. Share what I discover through blog, vlogs and other… Read More →

Cosmo’s Ultimate Woman Of The Year 2012; The Winners!

If there’s one thing MIW adores it’s celebrating brilliant women, thanks to Cosmopolitan a whole evening of celebrations went underway to positively rejoice our wonderful females in the spirit of girl power. It was a night full of glitz and glamour at the annual awards but here’s who made Cosmo’s winner list! Everyone from Kelly Osbourne, to X Factor’s Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger to the gorgeous Olympian, Jessica Ennis attended the 2012 Ultimate Women Awards 2012 with V05 at the V and A museum. Radio one’s finest female Fern Cotton hosted the evening, showing us how radiant and glamorous being pregnant really is in her moody floral dress. The X Factor judges of past and present all took home awards, Tulisa… Read More →

THE DOG: Dear Dr Pam

Hi Dr Pam, My boy friend spends more time at grooming his dog then he does giving me foreplay. He lavishes attention on Daisy, shampooing her regularly and brushing her every day. When I complain to him that he doesn’t give me enough attention in the bedroom he just laughs. How can I make him see that it hurts me that he cares more for Daisy? Lucy, 23 x Hi Lucy, dear me, poor Daisy, if only she knew that she was coming between you two – I’m sure she wouldn’t want to! How about trying something a little different? Why not get your own pooch (borrow one because obviously you may not want to buy one) and make such… Read More →


  Cosmo’s Ultimate Editor’s Choice: Stephanie Kercher by Rosie Mullender When Cosmo’s Rosie Mullender interviewed Stephanie Kercher, she found her to be a worthy winner of an Ultimate Women Award – and was left feeling truly inspired When I first met Stephanie Kercher, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her sister, Meredith, was brutally murdered in Perugia, Italy, five years ago, and having lived in the glare of the media throughout the high-profile trial that followed, she had, understandably, shunned interviews with the press. But with the fifth anniversary of Meredith’s death looming, and Stephanie’s decision to launch a fund to help her parents financially as their fight for justice continues, she agreed to meet me to talk about her… Read More →