Loose inches while you sleep?- The cling film trials

Hey ladies! Continuing with the theme of finding things around the kitchen to make yourself feel better, this week, i put cling film to the test! Who needs those expensive body wraps when you have cling film right? The idea is simple. Wrap yourself from head to foot in cling film, go to sleep in it and wake up feeling like a slinky supermodel. Easy right? Well…In theory maybe. Please ignore the gross granny underwear in the video. Its not supposed to be sexy 😛 I did not sleep well and to put it nicely it made me a sweaty mess. I woke up super thirsty too, naturally as all you are doing is getting rid of your body’s toxins… Read More →

Amy May Shead

My name is Amy May and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the fabulous Miss Independent Woman team, what a super splendid bunch they are! When I’m not writing for this marvellous online slumber party I can be found working on some of the most popular daytime television shows – Daybreak, Lorraine and This Morning. I create all kinds of online features, behind the scenes exclusives, reveal the latest fashion must haves, plus more! You’ll also find me mingling with all kinds of celebrities, from Russell Brand to David Attenborough, or breaking hard news stories – There really is never a dull moment. Believe it or not, you can even catch sight of me on screen in the This Morning… Read More →