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How to create The Kardashian’s statement locks

The Kardashian’s sisters are know for many of things and one being their statement locks , these looks “require large barrel tongs and a lot of backcombing” The reality TV beauties are famed for their fabulously volumised locks, which are usually teased into glamorously cascading waves that make every women envious! Fear not ladies, because I’m going to tell you the secrets on how to create these stunning looks…. Big hair is big news this coming season, here are my top tips to re-creating The K sister’s stunning styles at home. To achieve statement big hair requires large barrel tongs (my favourite tongs has to be Babyliss) and a lot of backcombing! Step 1 The best way to use a… Read More →

What’s your shoe personality

“Why do you need so many shoes?” If you’ve ever been asked this question by a guy, you’re probably going to love a great new Web service calledJustFabulous. Born from a deep appreciation of a woman’s relationship with shoes, the website is dedicated to the needs of the average shoe addict. Why are so many women addicted to shoes?  The explanations range from the practical to the therapeutic.  On the practical side, we know no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes.  So, for every look we go out in, of course we need a unique pair of shoes to top it off!  Shoes also last longer than clothes–because unlike our dress size, our shoe size doesn’t change—so,… Read More →

Moving in style…

Hello lovely ladies! I am finally writing to you from my new abode… having travelled all over and living out of a suitcase I am back in a suitably pink bedroom. After realising that no matter how much I stamped my feet and sat on my suitcase it wasn’t going to be  possible to pack all my wardrobe, I decided I would select a few key items…. here is my choice! (Because sadly, a Mary Poppin’s handbag hasn’t been invented yet!) Love, Emily x

Summer Starlet

What makes every summer memorable? Those romantic moments abroad, of course. Be it a first love like ‘Dirty Dancing’ , a timeless romance such as ‘Roman holiday’ or a love to last a lifetime like ‘The Notebook’, we all have our summer romance memories. And the best way to fall in love like our favourite screen starlet’s? Stealing their style! Wether its dressing cute like baby or as striking as Audrey Hepburn, take a look at the following inspired outfits to boost your summer wardrobe….Don’t forget girls, send me YOUR summer style combo’s and tweet to @MIWmagazine! Happy holidays, Love Emily x @esowden19

What to wear – First date tips

Girls are you with me on this one! Getting ready to go out on a first date is so daunting! I mean i’d be lying if there wasn’t a time that it hasn’t taken me three hours to get ready, that’s not including fake tan and nails the night before, only to wake up the next morning to find my perfectly manicured nails are chipped and my hands are orange! I do my make up most days but it seems the more time I actually take time carefully putting it on the worse it looks! And why is it every time I use mascara I can almost guarantee the classic sneeze that comes out of nowhere & hey presto I look… Read More →

Neon Lights

Time to make your spring wardrobe pop! (And no i’m not talking about zips and buttons…) but with bright neon shades. Either go all out in bold shades or why not subtly work the trend with bright accessories to brighten a black outfit or two? Both the catwalk and celebrity world can’t get enough of this latest trend, demonstrated by designers such as Christopher Kane and worn by celebrities such as J-Lo its time to get yourself on the neon scene. And what better way to get yourself ‘seen’ by wearing the beautiful finds below… and if that wasn’t enough why not listen to a fantastic electro pop singer Queen Of Hearts’ single  ‘Neon’ : Your welcome, Love Emily x… Read More →

Like a prayer

So, call me old fashioned, but I can’t stop seeing religious cross prints everywhere I go. And it seems that fashion retailers have got this fashion buzz down to a tea. Viewing their online collection I’m faced with pages of leather, lace and religious print outfits. The best thing? They are all affordable! Making it possible for you to kit yourself out as much as you like to give your wardrobe that Madonna feel. To really get the look team up textured layers such as lace dresses and leather jackets, accessorised with bowler hats and cross jewellery. And don’t forget this seasons must… black platforms! See below for my selection of ‘Prayer wear’ …. Love Emily x

Grungey V Girly

Are you a grunge girl, rocking converse and casual denim like Kate Moss? Or a girly girl, preferring heels and cutesy accessories like ‘our’ Cheryl? Well, with this seasons white dress from TFNC you don’t need to pick sides. Simply throw on a baseball jacket and converse for a casual urban look or strap into pink high heels for teen romance chic. Either way, at £42, this classic white dress is a MUST for the hotter weather…. mines on its way! Love Emily x    

Les misér-chic

Whats the film thats been named the must see motion picture of 2013, not to mention being nominated for 8 oscars….Les Miserables! of course! Starring such heartthrobs as Eddie Redmayne and strong leading ladies such as Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway, the film tells a story of love, poverty and life in 19th century france. Want to be a leading lady yourself? Then view my Les Miserables inspired outfits, be it breakfast lunch or dinner, dress away and steal the show in these irresistible feminine combos. Love Emily x  

Hello lovely ones!   I’ve decided to re-vamp my accessories wardrobe…. it seems that this seasons catwalks are all about playful pieces and making a statement. But do you spend money on the designer brands, or save with a high street choice?! Why not have both! My advice- splash out on a few key items that are never going to date, and go fun and funky with modern fashion pieces from the high street…. that way the little black dress and Chanel peep toe’s that you worked 9 to 5 to buy…can always be refreshed by a fashionable jewel or two!  Get shopping, and snap up these beauties! Enjoy! Love Emily x