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Strong is the new sexy

Ladies listen up, this blog post will change your lives! This post is all about weight lifting and why strong is the new sexy!! With a huge growth in the amount of female physique and fitness competitors and a shift in the fitness industry we are seeing more and more women picking up those dumbbells! Here are just a few reasons why you should get pumping some iron: The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!! Weight training is an excellent way to shed fat! Weight training will change your physique! Not only will you shed unwanted body fat but you will develop shapely shoulders, lean legs and a booty that Beyonce would be jealous of! You will… Read More →

First steps to fitness

Whether you are a complete beginner or returning to fitness after a break it can be a pretty daunting time! Here are 10 steps to help you get started, stay motivated and reach your goals… Set yourself a goal. Give yourself something to aim for, this could be fitting back into pre-pregnancy jeans, running your first 5k or just feeling comfortable in your own skin. Having a target to aim for will help you stay motivated and will also help you to tailor your training   Tell people. Let your family and friend know that you are embarking on a new healthy lifestyle. They will (should ) support you along the way and will also help you stay motivated, especially when you… Read More →

Elly Hill

    Hi, my name is Elly Hill and I am overjoyed to announce that I am now part of the Miss Independent Woman team!! My day job is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and luckily for me I LOVE my job! I am based in beautiful Pembrokeshire, South Wales but also provide online coaching and personal training. You’ll be surprised to hear this but as a teenager in secondary school I avoided sport and fitness at all costs. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I fell in love with the gym and all things sporty. My main passions are resistance training and running but if it gets you fit and gets you sweating I will give it a… Read More →

Healthy Happy Fit Mums – Introducing Lucy Miller

MIW Welcomes you LUCY MILLER! As the resident ‘mum’ on the panel of girls that make up Miss Independent Women – The Ultimate Girls Site; I wanted to share some of Lucy’s brilliant tips for keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy. For those of you who don’t know, Lucy is a Freelance Fitness & Nutrition Editor for Health & Fitness Mag, Mail Online, Weight Watchers, Fertility Road,  Glamour magazine & founder of Fitness and the Bump In between juggling a family life of her own, she manages her busy schedule of working with her clients as a Personal Trainer and is also working with children to keep fit as a trained level 2 Children’s Fitness Specialist. So I took some time out from heavily pregnant… Read More →

Juice2u – Take 2!

So ladies, This is the second time I have detoxed this year thanks to the lovely people at “Juice2u.” As you will know, i reviewed  their 3 day detox last time and had great results! You can read that review here! However, this time, it’s the 5 day one as opposed to the 3 day one. Scary was my first initial thought! 5 Days without food was a little daunting, but I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It almost became routine. Prior to this detox, I had really been working on building muscle and stripping fat, so I wasn’t expecting a huge weight loss as my muscle mass was  a lot higher… Read More →

Seriously Semtex!- Gym Supplement review

Hi Gorgeous ladies! So in these past few months after settling into a job and auditions and quitting the waitress job that was taking over my life, I’ve recently rekindled my love for the gym. I’m a bit like a mad woman on a mission and after the “Juice2u” detox I recently reviewed, I was asked about what kind of supplements could keep you in Shape. I received a few emails about various weight loss pills that some of our girls wanted me to try and review for them, but being a big believer in that the only healthy way to loose weight and keep it off, is to eat healthily and exercise I didn’t want to fund placebo weight… Read More →

The Dreaded Post Baby Weight Loss

This had to be my biggest challenge when it came to my image post baby. To be honest I could deal with the bit of hair loss. After all, I can get a bouncy blow-dry to disguise it. I could just about deal with the stretch marks that my beautiful boy gave me as a gift, because I am not exactly going to be wearing a crop top showing off my midriff. But the extremely flabby belly was painful, not forgetting how enormous my thighs went and my ankles (kankles as I would call them).   Having gone through an emergency C section I couldn’t do anything for the first 6 weeks at least, and to be honest for the… Read More →

Lollipop Love

Fin has massively discovered sweets….something I avoided for so long but as he gets older (and we have relaxed as parents about food), the occasional treat has slipped in. Now, we don’t let him help himself to a bottle of coke or huge bag or gummy sweets here – just talking chocolate buttons, smarties and the occasional lollipop. Being a  dummy devotee, he is partial to a lollipop more often than not but when I know they are full of sugar and his teeth are still growing and at a very influential stage – we seem to have a ‘no more lolly’ confrontation more often that not when he is given one. I was so surprised how often he is… Read More →

Lucy launches her own fitness channel

Homemade sushi, avocados and dumbbells: Bikini babe Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals secrets behind killer new figure Lucy, 22, wanted to banish cellulite so underwent health and fitness regime Has launched her own website to share her secrets Makes her own sushi and loves wholegrain foods Follows intense training regime of sit-ups, dumbbell lifts and skipping It’s inevitable following any painful break up us girlies do one of two things, book straight into our hairdressers for an all out sexy hair make over, or hit the gym (this is a better option than hitting the ex! jokes!! I would certainly be prepared to eat cabbage soup every day or even put up with a smelly breath from the Atkins diet if it… Read More →

Bikini body in 3 days! – Juice2u; The Review

Its summer. We haven’t  been as strict as we had hoped the few weeks leading up to the holiday. It happens. Two men in my life are to blame. Ben and Jerry. It’s the week before your holiday that youv’e been looking forward to since your last and you have a panic on. Oh crap… DETOXING!  Its a word dreaded by many and the thought of eating nothing for a certain amount of time is pretty daunting. After being asked and questioned about different methods of detoxing, by women who shared my pre holiday panic, I did a little research. Now I am not someone who condones not eating! I love food. But after researching some of the benefits of… Read More →