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I tested out the CABBAGE SOUP DIET!

Hey beautiful ladies! Firstly I would like to apologise for the quality of the video this week.  The camera I used was rather pants but I captured the footage all the same 🙂 I hope its not too much of an issue  🙂 Boring bits over and now back to the most exciting thing ever! Cabbage! Exciting right!?  The Cabbage soup diet! It promises to make you loose around 10lbs in one week. I started the week skeptical as ever, as you would. How can you possibly loose that much weight in one week without starving yourself? As always I will give you an honest and open account of the Guinea pig trials, trying and testing things, so you don’t have to. The diet… Read More →

Whats hot about Bikram?

Hello lovely ladies! I’m writing to you, feeling as though I’m wearing lead mascara. My head feels thick and I am thirsty beyond belief and my stomach is in knots. These all sound like symptoms of a typical hangover. That is where you would be wrong. These, ladies, are the side effects of Bikram Yoga. This week as part of the Guinea Pig trials I tested out the latest craze that is Bikram Yoga. For anyone unfamiliar with Bikram, it is a form of hot yoga. And boy is it hot! The room is heated to around 40 degrees C with a humidity of 40%. Our class consisted of 26 different postures and a couple of breathing exercise’s. I was… Read More →

16 Detoxing Cleanse Foods

  With the fabulous Summer season approaching fast it’s a season full of parties alcohol and holidays! It’s definitely worth figuring out how you can get your body full of goodness and fast to get your bikini body fast! After the christmas period is over we see gym memberships and weight loss video sales go through the roof, however what we actually eat is 90% of what we should work out on. Our busy live styles mean it’s really easy to reach for the convenience food, however with our lifestyles it’s vital we give our bodies what it needs and loose weight healthily! Heres some simple foods to incorporate into your diets in the new year to help you get fighting… Read More →

Abs To DIE-T for

  12 FOODS FOR A FLAT BELLY Lose stomach fat and build ab muscles with these foods Buy the abs book here Stockbyte/ThinkstockALMONDS AND OTHER NUTS (With Skins Intact)Superpowers Build muscle, reduce cravingsFights Obesity, heart disease, muscle loss, wrinkles, cancer, high blood pressure BEANS AND LEGUMES Superpowers Build muscle, help burn fat, regulate digestion Fights Obesity, colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure SPINACH AND OTHER GREEN VEGETABLES Superpowers Neutralize free radicals (molecules that accelerate the aging process) FightsCancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis    Replace regular soft drinks with unsweetened sparkling waterReplace commercial candy (like jelly beans) with chocolateExercise, then eat: Research suggests that the best way to eat less at a meal is to work out right before it. This works in several ways:… Read More →


Work Out at Home No gym? No problem. For this total-body workout, all you need to get super-fit is your own body–it provides enough resistance to sculpt a lean, sexy physique. I’m a big fan working out at home especially in between gym sessions,  you can achieve great results, or if you are a busy mum, workaholic and don’t have time for the gym this is a great way to get fit! You do need a little more will power if your at home to tear yourself away from the tele, so why not try these first thing in a morning to kick start your metabolism and give you energy for your day ahead! Remember repetition is the key to… Read More →


Inside your body, at this very moment, there’s a war going on: a battle between the cells that make up muscle and those that make up fat. You know which side you’re rooting for. But here’s the problem: In this war, Fat will always have an unfair advantage. The New Rules of Lifting will help Muscle win this battle. In fact, this book will help speed your fat loss while revving your metabolism, balancing your hormones, and squashing your appetite. To get you started, here are three secrets on how to win the battle of the bulge: Include Protein With Every Meal and Every Snack Muscle doesn’t come simply from lifting weights or hauling groceries up the stairs. Eating protein… Read More →

Workout Wednesday – The Myth: Weights make women bulky & masculine!

One of the most commonly stated phrases is “I don’t want to do weights because I don’t want to bulk up” This is a myth and let me tell you why: It’s a conscious effort for a man to build muscle let alone women. We simply don’t have the hormones for it. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for muscle mass. Normal testosterone levels in men are 200-1200 ng/dl. As for Women this is around 15-70 ng/dl, a fraction of testosterone in comparison to men. A man at the low end of the testosterone scale still has over double the amount of testosterone compared to a woman at the high end of the scale. It’s not possible to bulk up… Read More →

Foodie Fridays – It’s all in the Greens.

  You’ve gotta love your greens! I’m a Pescetarian  – basically a vegetarian that also eats Fish! A full definition can be found here: So with that said I eat A LOT of fruit and veg. People underestimate the nutritional value of both fruit and vegetables in particular ‘the greens’. Some of these are:   I like and eat them all but my favourites are – Asparagus, Avocado, Broccoli, Celery, and Pears. I eat these on a fairly daily basis (of course I eat other fruit and veg of all different colours – but that’s a whole other post!). I strongly recommend including these in your diet if you don’t eat them already because of the benefits and nutritional… Read More →

Workout Wednesday – Burpees Love or Hate them?

So what is a Burpee? There are many different variations of a Burpee but to summarise a basic Burpee is a fully body exercise used in strength training and as a aerobic/cardio exercise. A basic Burpee can be completed in five steps. 1) Start in a standing position 2) Drop into a squat like position and place your hands on the ground. 3) Jump your feet back behind you to form a front plank position. 4) Jump your feet back in and return to the squat like position 5) Return to the upright standing position  – you can add a jump if you wish                 The Benefits of Burpees. Whether or not you… Read More →

In ‘The Mood’ Food

Sexy foods to get you in the mood. And some of them may surprise you…     Asparagus! Not only does it get your juices going its a great source of potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin and folic acid. Phewph! The latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes. Sneak some of these greens into your mans dinner…     Chocolate. We know this one! This little beauty makes the brain produce feel-good serotonin. Be sure to indulge in the dark variety though— it contains incredible amounts of antioxidants, whereas milk chocolate is just that: milk and sugar with very small amounts of cocoa. Naughty- in… Read More →