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Erase those spots!

Hello ladies. So with the seasons Changing pretty dramatically here in London, literally going from humid and damp to wet freezing and windy over night, it’s played havoc with my skin. While recently I’ve been trying to stick to a good skin regime (cleansing, toning and moisturising) my skin still isn’t responding well to my current lifestyle. I work night shifts quite often and often have very little sleep and my life is a constant rush so along with that and the environment my skin isn’t looking to fresh. I wanted to try a new concealer. I decided, after staring at the dark circles round my eyes to get a ‘decent’ one. Not your standard drug store concealer which is… Read More →

Go Ombre!

Hello Girlies! So this week I thought I’d give Ombre hair a go! A few people had asked me what I thought of the new Loreal Paris DIY  Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits. Luckily, I love the look and fancied a bit of a style shake up anyway so I was more than happy to trial this one out. To achieve the on trend look normally costs a fair amount of money, however I was really surprised when I picked up a packet in Super-drug at its cost, less than £6! A beauty bargain! There were 3 colours available all resulting in light brown/blonde colours. Having naturally very dark hair I picked up Kit No1 for darker hair. I couldn’t wait to… Read More →

Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is an important step while doing your make up ,it is a double edged weapon,it gives  you a great look if you make the right choice but on the other hand it could disguise your natural beauty if you don’t choose the one matching your skin. Oily skin: If your skin is oily the powder and oily free foundation is the perfect choice for your skin, it contains powders that absorb the oils ,reflects a smoothie –matt finish to your face . Dry skin: If you have a dry skin avoid the powder foundation and think about the liquid foundation ,the hydrating powder foundation or sticky foundations, both of them contains moisturising substances that will moisture your dry skin and will make your… Read More →

Magnificent mask for only £1

Hey dolls! Right this week i have a absolute corker for you, so much so you will think your eyes and your ears were deceiving you! Ok so popped to ASDA this week to buy a Yankee Candle (as you do) and found myself drawn the the area where i could see cleaning products for £1 (have to love a bargain) and with my very own eyes i see Argan oil shampoo and hair mask for only £1. Now i wouldn’t normally use something that i haven’t heard of on my hair but my locks were in need of a mask as i had ran out. I have had micro ring extensions put in recently so i knew i needed… Read More →

Plain Jane To Glamour Queen

Who’s That Girl? Like many of us I’m aware that magazines retouch models to create what they perceive as the perfect woman to sell their products! As much as I know this goes on, I don’t tend to think about it when I see this beautiful girl on the cover of a magazine, I just see the image of perfection which leaves me feeling a total Bridget Jones. I can’t help but want that thick long glossy hair, flawless skin, be skinnier, taller or have longer legs, unfortunately I don’t have photo shop! But I bet there is an app available! LOL The reality of it is not even the models in the picture are that perfect, we are all… Read More →

How to create a messy braided chignon

So below I have put together a step by step on how to achieve a messy braided chignon seen on Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. If it’s good enough for these Hollywood starlets then it’s good enough for us!   For this look I would always recommend for your hair to be at least one day old. This helps to create a lot more natural texture through your hair and it will also help give it oomph and hold. Step 1 I would start with slightly wavy hair, this just helps to create volume and movement in the bun. ( I will do another post on ‘every day waves”) Step 2 Split your hair in half starting from… Read More →

Post Baby Unwanted Hair Loss!

So ladies. Living and owning a salon in such a picturesque area like Barnes, in South West London ( nappy valley ) I am always asked various post baby questions over and over again, one of those being about post pregnancy hair loss! With the Royal Baby being the most talked about topic at the moment, I thought I would do a series of posts about post baby hair, skin, emotions and diet tips. All of this will come from my own personal experience and the challenges I have faced over the last 12 months.   Since becoming a Mum I have found there is a lot of subjects that women don’t talk about. They tend to just ignore things and… Read More →

Hair Products Review from The Kelly Sister’s

Myself and Mandy had a lot of fun doing these videos. Since then we have done another 4 but this time they will be hair tutorials. But before we post them we wanted to share with you some products that we reviewed that you can purchase from any Superdrug store.   Whilst watching we give you some tips on how to use these products, we hope you enjoy ladies!   As always I love sharing my posts and videos with you all. And if you would like to contact me for advice or just want to give me some feedback or request for future posts or video, you can contact me twitter @SineaKellyLdn or my Facebook page www.facebook.co.sineadkellylondon or maybe… Read More →

How to create The Kardashian’s statement locks

The Kardashian’s sisters are know for many of things and one being their statement locks , these looks “require large barrel tongs and a lot of backcombing” The reality TV beauties are famed for their fabulously volumised locks, which are usually teased into glamorously cascading waves that make every women envious! Fear not ladies, because I’m going to tell you the secrets on how to create these stunning looks…. Big hair is big news this coming season, here are my top tips to re-creating The K sister’s stunning styles at home. To achieve statement big hair requires large barrel tongs (my favourite tongs has to be Babyliss) and a lot of backcombing! Step 1 The best way to use a… Read More →

New Mums Hair & Make-up tips

So after my previous post I had a lot of you on twitter and Facebook asking me to do a post on my favourite quick fix hairstyles. I truly believe that just because you have had a little one and life has become one massive roller coaster it doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go or give yourself little or no time for looking like a Hot Mama!!   I remember one of my first outings to meet some girlfriends with the little man in tow, all I wanted was that 15 mins of quietness whilst I got myself together, but did that happen? Definitely not! Most days he had a little nap around 9am (Gina Ford Baby!) on… Read More →