AW14 makeup

The latest trend to watch out for on the catwalks, doesn’t just translate to your wardrobe, but also your makeup bag. Yes the time has come to update your makeup look, to see you through the winter, and this season its all about teaming a nude, matte face with a bold statement brow (a la Cara Delavigne) as seen on the catwalks.  So how do we get the nude look, without actually going nude with the makeup (I can hear the sigh of relief girls, you still wear makeup, just less of it) so there is no need to get drastic, lets see how we get the understated look just right. Remember, this look is not about having a flat… Read More →

Hold you head high and your hair higher

So girls, break ups are hard aren’t they? Wether it was a mutual agreement or not it sucks! Maybe you fell out of love maybe you didn’t, maybe someone cheated maybe you just grew apart. What ever has happened it’s still isn’t easy right? Now some people get knocked down and some people pick themselves right back up again. I like to think of myself as the latter. Who wants to wallow in self pity and become a wreck? What you need to do is get yourself completely back out there. Not to show them what they are missing but to show yourself that you still have what it takes. Nothing feels better then getting a new outfit, getting big… Read More →

Squat for September Week 4

We are now in our last week of our Squat for September challenge!! I hope that you have all been following on along with the weekly challenges and I hope you have all seen those bottoms looking much peachier! So now for our last challenge and it is going to be a tough one. Instead of completing a certain amount of reps you will perform the exercises in a circuit. Week 4 Circuit You will perform 3-5 circuits and perform 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second rest in-between exercises. At the end of each complete circuit rest for 1-2 minutes. Squat Jump 30 secs Alternating lunge 30 sec ( to make this move harder turn it into… Read More →

Secret of september

  Hey lovely ones, its been a while hasn’t it? After a whirlwind few months im back with all of my fave hair related tales to share with you! Can you believe we have hit the month of september already? Madness!! Now not everyone is a fan of september, for me i love it you can completely re vamp yourself after the summer months and give yourself a gorgeous glow for the winter months to follow. Here is a little check list of what i look for before i think about any re vamp… How does hair in general look? Too many split ends from to much sun? Dry and brittle? Does blonde look brassy or colour look dull from… Read More →

Squat for September Week 3

We are stepping things up for Week 3 of the Squat for September challenge! If you have been following the challenge you should be noticing that bum getting firmer and rounder, if you have only just joined get squatting! For this weeks squat challenge we are incorporating the SQUAT JUMP into our squatting routine. The squat jump is a fantastic move, it’s explosive, will get your heart rate going and will tone your legs and butt all in one go. Here’s how to do it: Start with your feet hip width apart. Squat down, making sure that your knees do not go over your toes and that you keep your core tight, back in neutral and you chest up. From… Read More →

Squat for September Week 2

We are now into week 2 of our Squat for September challenge and we should all have nailed that basic weighted squat in week 1. We are now adding to week 1 with a brand new squat called……….the Curtsy squat! The curtsy squat is a great addition to a lower body routine. You will really feel this one in those glutes! How to do it Start by standing with your feet hip width apart. Keep your weight on your right foot whilst taking a step back with your left leg and crossing it behind your right leg (as if you were about to curtsy). Then bend your knees and lower to the ground making sure that both knees are at… Read More →

Squat for September Challenge

Happy 1st of September and welcome to MIWs brand new Squat for September challenge!! A whole month of squats, squats and more squats awaits you. Why squats??  Squats work you entire lower body and your core and if you are using weights (which we will be) they will even engage your upper body aswell.  Squats will strengthen and tone your legs and most importantly squats will lift, shape and firm up that butt!! Who wouldn’t like a butt like Beyonce’s??!!  What is the Challenge? Throughout September I am going to give you a brand new squat exercise to complete each week. You will then end up with a whole months worth of booty  blasting squat-tastic exercises that you can continue… Read More →

Home workout DVD review

I love going to the gym and getting outdoors to exercise but when the weather starts to get cold and wet or you can’t find any babysitters you can always turn to the trusty home workout DVD! I absolutely love fitness DVDs, I have been doing them for years and here are just a few of my favorites. Davina The queen of the fitness DVD and all round amazing super woman!! Davina, along with fitness pro’s Mark and Jackie have produced a range of kick ass home workout DVDs. I have almost all of the collection and I still use the DVDs for mixing up my cardio. These are brilliant workouts, good fun, good music and easy to follow routines…. Read More →

Bronzed goddess

            Now summer is in full swing, most of us girls will be fake tanning, or at least using some bronzer to add a sunkissed look to our makeup. For me, bronzer is an absolute makeup bag staple, I use it no matter which season it is, because I always want to look sunkissed. I have experimented with different bronzers over the years (Yes, I am slightly addicted) because bronzer is the best trick to ensure a healthy glow, all year round, and is an absolute must for contouring, (but more on that later) I am going to be reviewing some different bronzers, to compare which ones are best for natural, or darker looks. Whatever look it is you are trying to… Read More →

Strong is the new sexy

Ladies listen up, this blog post will change your lives! This post is all about weight lifting and why strong is the new sexy!! With a huge growth in the amount of female physique and fitness competitors and a shift in the fitness industry we are seeing more and more women picking up those dumbbells! Here are just a few reasons why you should get pumping some iron: The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!! Weight training is an excellent way to shed fat! Weight training will change your physique! Not only will you shed unwanted body fat but you will develop shapely shoulders, lean legs and a booty that Beyonce would be jealous of! You will… Read More →