Dr. Pam Spurr is our ‘Love & Life Doc’ who talks honestly about sex, love and life each week answering the types of questions that touch your lives.
Some of Pam’s many empowering beliefs include:
Everyone has far more strength and power within them than they realise
You can face and embrace change and not be scared of it

Respect yourself and others are more likely to – and if they don’t then you don’t need them in your life!

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Dr Pam: He has a tiny penis

Dear Dr. Pam, I’ve been seeing this lovely lad for about three months. He’s very flirty and always acted as if he knew loads about sex. I began to get my suspicions when I wanted to go to bed with him and he seemed to make excuses. Finally I got him into bed as I was getting completely sexually frustrated and now I know why he was avoiding sex – he has a tiny willy. It’s only about three inches when erect. I really think I love him but he’s got such an issue about it and I don’t know how to cope. Him being nervous makes me feel nervous. Any tips? Alicia Hi Alicia, I’m not surprised about you… Read More →

Dr Pam: Are one night stands ok?

Dear Dr. Pam, I’ve never had much luck when it comes to men and relationships. Quite frankly I get bored pretty quickly and also haven’t had much pleasure in bed. Whether it’s the sort of man I’m drawn to, or just bad luck, none of them have known how to pleasure me very well. Recently I had a one-night stand and had the best sex I’ve ever experienced. It was like I suddenly let go and told him exactly what I wanted. He then did as I asked. It all seemed so easy and uncomplicated. Is there anything wrong with me having more of these one-night stands? Marianne Hi Marianne, You’re far from the first woman [and occasional man] who’ve… Read More →

Dr Pam: He Wants Me To Wax

Dear Dr. Pam, My boyfriend has a thing about women waxing their pubic hair. He likes it all off and his last girlfriend did that for him regularly. He keeps pressurising me to get a full wax. I have incredibly sensitive skin and don’t even get my legs waxed. He just doesn’t seem to get it and thinks I’m being unreasonable or prudish about it. Why are men so obsessed with this? And how can I handle this pressure? Thank you, Alexandra Hi Alexandra, That’s a lot of pressure, what’s with him? You’d think he’d have a bit more ‘bedroom etiquette’. Try giving him a taste of his own medicine – why don’t you buy a home-waxing kit, spread some… Read More →

Dr Pam: My Man Has B.O!

I love my boyfriend dearly but we have one problem in the sack. He’s gorgeous and sexy, with a body like Daniel Craig in the Bond films because he plays rugby. The problem is he has quite bad body odour and it really puts me off. When we first started going out I didn’t mind so much. I guess love is blind at the beginning. But six months down the line and it’s beginning to play on my mind, I wonder why he doesn’t do something about it and doesn’t he notice it? Please help me as I don’t want to lose him but I’ve started making excuses about not having sex. Warmest, Lily Hi Lily, It’s funny the types… Read More →

Dr Pam: Cat versus my man?

After a fairly brief marriage [lasting three years] I decided to stay single for the last couple years. In that time I got two cats and without sounding a sounding like a sad, cat-loving single woman, they are like my children. They sleep on my bed and sit on my lap while I watch TV. A few months ago I started seeing someone fairly casually. But recently he has started spending nights and he hates the cats being on the bed. I’m really getting strong feelings for him but this has upset me. He says they put him off enjoying sex. I can’t bear to be parted with them. Can you think of a way around this? Cheers, Della  … Read More →

A married man is asking me out

There’s a very attractive married man at my place of work who keeps asking me to go for a drink. It’s not that he’s a big flirt around office, in fact I was really surprised when he asked me out. He’s very serious about work-related things and has a good reputation. He told me he finds me incredibly attractive and just wants a little time to enjoy my company. I feel very flattered as I’ve been single for quite a while. Would a little drink be harmful? Thank you, Alesha Hi Alesha, Yes! A little drink can turn into a big affair and big affairs normally lead to big heartbreak. Do you really need that heartache – particularly if you’re… Read More →

My stripper fantasy

Dear Dr. Pam, I went to a hen party with some girlfriends and found myself getting really turned on by the male stripper. Not only was he fit but there was something about him gyrating to the pounding music that really excited me. Normally I don’t fantasise very much but I find he’s constantly on my mind in all sorts of sexy fantasies. I’d love to ask my boyfriend to do a bit of a strip for me but I’m not sure how he’ll react. Is there a way I can ask him to do a strip to make sure I have my fantasy come true? Thanks so much, Dena Hey Dena, Who hasn’t had a stripper fantasy? So you’re… Read More →

Dr Pam Spurr: Wife swap curiosity

Dear Dr. Pam My husband and I were out to dinner with friends the other night and there was a bit of a sexual chemistry between all four of us. The other husband was flirting with me and I felt his wife was flirting with my husband. We were drinking loads as we were celebrating my husband getting a promotion where they both work. Later in the evening when I went to the toilet she came with me and started dropping hints about wife-swapping. I was a bit lost for words and so I didn’t really give her an answer. It’s been on my mind ever since. I don’t really want to try it but at the same time it’s… Read More →

Dr Pam: He wants sex all the time

My fiance wants sex all the time!  My fiance is very highly sexed. If it were up to him we’d do it twice a night. I honestly thought by now (we’ve been together three years) things would’ve calmed down. It’s not that he’s a bad lover as he’s really quite caring about my pleasure. But I just don’t want it five or six nights a week. I work long hours, take pride in our home and I think two or three times a week would be plenty. How do I tell him this without hurting his feelings? I hope you can help me, Deedee Hi Deedee, I must say he does have a high sex drive – exhausting for you… Read More →

Dr Pam Spurr: He shocked me in bed

Dear Dr. Pam, I’ve been with my boyfriend for four months after meeting him out clubbing. He’s really cool and fit and I’m completely in love. We started having sex after we’d been together a couple weeks and it’s always been good but pretty much the same. He likes me to be on top so he can slap my bottom lightly. This seems to arouse him. I was a bit shocked the other day when he turned me over and started giving me oral sex and tried to slip his finger in my bottom. He didn’t give me any warning and I jumped out of bed. We’ve both been acting a little embarrassed about it ever since. How should I… Read More →