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Some of Pam’s many empowering beliefs include:
Everyone has far more strength and power within them than they realise
You can face and embrace change and not be scared of it

Respect yourself and others are more likely to – and if they don’t then you don’t need them in your life!

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my boyfriend said i’m useless in Bed:Dr Pam Spurr

Dear Dr Pam, my boyfriend and I got very drunk last night and had a bit of a row. In the middle of it he told me I was useless in bed. I’m so hurt and devastated. We’ve been together eight months and I thought things were fine in the bedroom. This morning he said that he didn’t mean what he said and it was just the “drink speaking”. I was once told that alcohol is like a truth serum so I don’t know what to think. Was he telling the truth? Thank you, Chloe, 23 Hi Chloe, The truth is sometimes you can have lots of fun with a bit of booze but the flipside to that is it… Read More →

Is He Bored:Dr Pam Spurr

Hi Dr. Pam, Please help me I think my husband’s getting bored with me. He’s asked me if I’d consider a three-some with my best friend. I was horrified at the suggestion. Not only has he never raised anything like this before but he doesn’t even flirt with her. This makes me paranoid to think that he secretly fancies my pal and I didn’t even pick up the signs! The last thing I want to do is share him in a three-some. How can I handle this without it breaking us up? Samantha, 35 Hi Samantha, I’ve got some news for you, if this issue could potentially break you up then you didn’t stand a chance in the long term… Read More →

He’s No Looker:Dr Pam Spurr

Dear Dr. Pam, My friends tease me a lot about the man I’m going out with. He’s not a “looker” but he’s so sweet. I’ve had my share of bad boys and have been hurt in the past. I’ve pointed out to them that he’s fantastic in bed. They just say things like, “that’s because he’s ugly and so he has to work harder!” It’s not like I can dump my pals because we all work together and have been friends for three years. But the more I try to tell them that I really like him the harder the time they give me. What do you suggest? Katy, 27                    … Read More →

My sister: Dr Pam Spurr

Dear Dr Pam, I’d like your advice about my sister. I’m 23 and she’s 25. I was the one in the family who was always seen as a high-achiever and she had the good looks. She’s always played on her looks. This has come between me and some of my boy friends in the past as she tends to flirt with them. Recently I met a bloke I really liked and after a few dates he called around my flat. She happened to pop-in at the same time and put on her usual act of girly flirting. He didn’t seem taken in by it and didn’t give her that much attention but it still upset me. How can I get… Read More →

Tarty knickers: Dr Pam Spurr

Dear Dr Pam, I know you get lots of serious questions but I hope you’ll answer mine. My boyfriend keeps choosing me what he thinks are sexy knickers but I think they’re tarty. You know the stuff, all red and black peephole bras, tiny thongs and black fishnets. I don’t mind the fact that it’s cheap because both of us barge burning very much but I do mind the fact that it’s a bit nasty. Thanks for any help, Kelly, 26 XX   Hey Kelly, so many women will have been there and had those tarty knickers given to them – inside they sigh wishing they’d been given something sexy and sophisticated. Some women will say it outright that their… Read More →

Fantasies: Dear Dr Pam

Hello Dr. Pam, I’ve just had my birthday and as well as giving me a pretty necklace my boyfriend gave me a card that said he’d do anything in bed for me that I wanted. When I told him I’d love to put some mascara on his eyelashes and a little lipstick on him too and then have sex with him, he freaked. I’ve always had a fantasy about feminising him a bit because he’s quite rugged. For some reason it turns me on. Now he’s in a sulk and I don’t seem to get through to him how much I love him and want to sort it out. Please help me find the right words, Mary-Jane, 29    … Read More →


Dear Dr Pam, My boyfriend of a year makes me feel really bad when we go out. He’s fine when we’re home on our own. When we’re out he flirts obviously with other girls or talks to his mates and ignores me. He makes me feel like I don’t exist. When we get home he shrugs his shoulders when I asked him why he acts like that. Then it all gets back to normal where he’s chatty and affectionate and we have good sex. What’s going on? Jen, 22   Hi Jen, oh honey, he’s got you where he wants you! He’s obviously a lad who likes to show off and be the “big man” with his friends by chatting… Read More →

CONDOMS: Dear Dr Pam

Dear Dr. Pam, I’m 19 and thinking about losing my virginity. I think 19 is old because my friends have already lost theirs. I’ve been very protected by my mum and dad and only just started going out with my first boyfriend, Jason, a few months ago. He’s been pressurising me to have sex. When I told him I’m worried about getting pregnant he suggested I go to the clinic to get some protection like the Pill. He claims he can’t use condoms. Is it true that some men can’t get on with them and don’t get a full erection with them? Thanks for your help, Hannah xxSex Hi Hannah, I’m so glad to hear from you especially as many… Read More →

THE DOG: Dear Dr Pam

Hi Dr Pam, My boy friend spends more time at grooming his dog then he does giving me foreplay. He lavishes attention on Daisy, shampooing her regularly and brushing her every day. When I complain to him that he doesn’t give me enough attention in the bedroom he just laughs. How can I make him see that it hurts me that he cares more for Daisy? Lucy, 23 x Hi Lucy, dear me, poor Daisy, if only she knew that she was coming between you two – I’m sure she wouldn’t want to! How about trying something a little different? Why not get your own pooch (borrow one because obviously you may not want to buy one) and make such… Read More →