Sometimes the last thing we feel like is a Goddess, with all the stresses and demands of life we can sometimes neglect that very special person in our lives. You!
Let your inner Goddess out to play and be the woman you know you are. If you’re having trouble finding her don’t worry, she’s in there somewhere! Let’s celebrate you! Because simply, Your Amazing!
Here at MIW we want to keep you and your Inner Goddess in Check.
Here you can celebrate and discuss everything female. We will share with you all our bits and tips that will inspire you, motivate you, help you and make you radiate confidence! Let’s celebrate us women, because, let’s face it, were pretty damn awesome!


When Victoria Picton (MIW CEO.. awesome lady!) asked me to write about Oprah Winfrey I kept calm and said ‘Yes! Love too…’ then I put the phone down and panicked ‘Where do you start writing about such a remarkable and legendary woman of our time? Eeek! No pressure then… ’ Un-conventionally I have decided to commence with a brief history lesson. The ancient Egyptians revered and celebrated the gift of wisdom and thought, because they knew this was the heart of all true lasting success, wisdom as I have written before is the assimilation of knowledge; knowledge as a stand alone is limiting and can easily attract narcissism.  Think of the great Cleopatra if you will for a minute, a… Read More →

Tribute to Nelson Mandela from Prison to President to Paradise

Tribute to Nelson Mandela from Prison to President to Paradise What we should never forget is that much of Nelson Mandela’s life was actually terrible beyond imagination! On the phone to a friend I actually said ‘SHIT!’ The terrible story of over a third of his life makes me angry and sad to tears.  He endured 27 years of harsh incarceration, believing for a justice that took years to see, seeing loved friends and family maimed, tortured and annihilated… this is an ‘amazing life?’…   It has really only been over the past 20 years or so that Mandela has seen the rewards of his lifetime of struggle start to be repaid to him.   Respect, reconciliation, wealth, authority and finally… Read More →

The run up to Christmas

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not during the run up to Christmas it is very easy to look back at all the problems of 2013 and let that stop you from skipping into 2014, you know how Christmas parties can bring out that ‘what have I achieved?’ sick feeling. The Christmas ‘Season to be merry’ is also a great time to unpack all the things that you have achieved this year and give yourself a huge ‘pat on the back!’  Success as we know isn’t just about what you see it is about the character building stuff that is hidden.  Maybe this year you didn’t call back an old boyfriend when you felt tempted too?  Or you didn’t take a… Read More →

laughter, joy and a battle to be won

Waiting in the wings as a stand up comic is a little like riding into battle… who knows what is out there?  But the determination to succeed is the same, sometimes we as ladies are required to FIGHT for what we believe in.  Don’t look back, feel the rush of adrenaline and just press in when someone shouts ‘CHARGE!’. I walk onto an open stage with just the microphone as a friend, I hold up a large picture of my white family and me as a little black baby and tell the audience how people would often ask me as a child ‘When was the moment you realized you were adopted?’  As I hear the huge swell of laughter resound… Read More →

Beyond the jam principle

I think we can all agree that this summer has ended the very long long long time of summer weather misery!  The word abundance springs joyfully into my mind for Summer 2013 when I think of the pleasant smiles strangers exchanged on the train into work, the joy of children harmoniously playing in the park and the general feeling of goodwill towards humankind. The wonderful weather not only warmed attitudes but we have seen the largest fruit and veg crops in a very long time too, and I can gleefully say as a ‘town-dweller’ and ‘sex in the city’ type of a gal… This was the summer I learned a very countryside lesson that of the ‘jam principle’. Now before… Read More →

WORK hard PLAY hard?

OK just to clarify, I don’t mean go out partying every night on a school night and stay out till dawn.. But what I do mean is work hard and enjoy your work, actually enjoy people. I have just been reminded of a very important lesson the truth that people ‘get’ people.  I have just spent the last few days working for Intel a technology company in the grueling London heat and standing on my feet all day, so you can imagine the discomfort.  However, the company bosses made it fun to work for them so somehow it didn’t even seem like work!  When it came to taking our lunch breaks no one really wanted to go, we laughed together,… Read More →

Led to diamond

  What is the difference between lead and diamond? Apart from the obvious value, appearance and use the answer is heat and pressure.  If you add heat, pressure and time to a piece of lead you get a diamond of great worth.  So it is with humankind as we go through the difficult pressures and immense heat of life’s situations that we often face, the reality is as we overcome such struggles over time they will make us unique, add great worth to our characters and shine hope into the lives of many.  We can literally be lead/led into diamond. So next time you are under pressure don’t panic, just know that even though none of us would ever choose hardship, it… Read More →

Shout it out!

SHOUT IT OUT! The truth is that we all have ‘those days’ when it feels as if everything is going wrong and we just can’t seem to find a way out of the maze of life… Then suddenly an emotion eruption occurs! The advantage of having a massive rant about an upsetting situation is that it can force a person to face up to sometimes hidden truths, and then decide which way to turn.  I have found that trying to get into a safe place such as being around people who are equipped to handle emotional situations are sometimes the best way forward.  Sharing difficult personal things with the wrong people is emotionally dangerous, as not only could wrong advice… Read More →

Don’t ignore your inner red light signal

The problem with today is that we live in a world that has few moral guidelines, it is almost as if someone has got up early one morning and taken down the traffic signals, warning signs and go slow speed bumps in life resulting in anarchy!  The first highway code was bought in to existence in 1931 to deal with the chaos and total grid lock…  Imagine not driving on the right? stopping wherever you like? No speed warnings? Turning right or left with no indication? Turning into a tight bend to meet someone else head on – eek!? And yet, emotionally we live in a world that is in many ways like that, just do as you feel and… Read More →