Sometimes the last thing we feel like is a Goddess, with all the stresses and demands of life we can sometimes neglect that very special person in our lives. You!
Let your inner Goddess out to play and be the woman you know you are. If you’re having trouble finding her don’t worry, she’s in there somewhere! Let’s celebrate you! Because simply, Your Amazing!
Here at MIW we want to keep you and your Inner Goddess in Check.
Here you can celebrate and discuss everything female. We will share with you all our bits and tips that will inspire you, motivate you, help you and make you radiate confidence! Let’s celebrate us women, because, let’s face it, were pretty damn awesome!

‘Thumbing’ your way though life

Now I don’t mean hitching a ride through life. I wanted to share this simple creative project with you that I discovered this last September at the Renegade Craft Fair London. I discovered a stall amongst the artists that was focused on collecting a personal experience of life in a tiny book with her thumbooks. ‘A Thumbook® journal is a teeny tiny signature book that connects people through pen & ink. On one page, a person puts their thumbprint and then makes it into a self portrait or a drawing. On the opposite page, they write their favorite quote or philosophy that they have in life.’ (Quoted directly from I loved the simplicity of the idea and the quirky… Read More →

Adventure Awaits You!

Life is an adventure when treated that way. Today I thought I’d share with you an adventure I had in August. I was scared but did it anyway. This is my top advice to you. I had never ever done waterskiing before and was a little nervous to try but I said yes because life’s too short to hang around in the background or envy those that make more of their life. Saying Yes is so exciting because you don’t know what’s going to happen, in my experience usually fun and magic occurs. Say Yes to life, you never know where it might take you!

In ‘The Mood’ Food

Sexy foods to get you in the mood. And some of them may surprise you…     Asparagus! Not only does it get your juices going its a great source of potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin and folic acid. Phewph! The latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes. Sneak some of these greens into your mans dinner…     Chocolate. We know this one! This little beauty makes the brain produce feel-good serotonin. Be sure to indulge in the dark variety though— it contains incredible amounts of antioxidants, whereas milk chocolate is just that: milk and sugar with very small amounts of cocoa. Naughty- in… Read More →

Girls! – 5 different ways to orgasms!

Same orgasm, different way to get there. Siski Green says buckle up and enjoy the ride…   Girls a life without orgasms is like a life without shopping! We need it to survive …in my opinion! It’s like total heaven to experience those kind of pleasurable feelings! While some woman find it easy to orgasm going solo whilst no one else is around, I wondered why it’s hard sometimes to get that incredible ‘O’ pleasure during sex with a partner. I was totally shocked when I read that 25% of woman have never had a single one! I saw this article and thought …oh yes ! For all the girls who totally aren’t experiencing ultimate orgasms…Hopefully this article will help… Read More →