Not a baby anymore :(

Although it’s not exactly starting school, letting your little one off into the big wide world of nurseries and pre-school is just as overwhelming I discovered last week! Fin ‘moved up’ a class this September. Ok, so it’s not all school uniforms and making new friends (oh god, I don’t think I can cope when that happens) but it was a big step for me. He has been at our lovely nursery since he was 10 months old so it has been a massive part of our lives and we feel that the staff are an extension of our little family. They have raised him just as much (possibly more) as we have and he is the happy, kind and… Read More →

Good To Talk!

Wow, its been a few weeks since my last post. Life kind of got in the way a little (along with work, illness, hen parties etc etc). Not like the old days when after a busy few days, I could chill out and catch up on ‘correspondence’. I was faced with house cleaning, washing and food shopping haha! It did get me thinking though and after speaking to an old friend (you know the one where you promise to catch up soon, play phone tag for a few weeks and then it slips your mind), I realised I needed to make more effort. It also reminded me that I suffered incredible loneliness when I had Fin and after speaking to… Read More →

Celeb Mum Looks!

So following on from my post on mummy make up (with help from the amazing Kevin Fortune), I wanted to share my favourite ‘celeb mum’ looks with you! Now, granted, we all don’t get to swing around looking amazing in our Louboutins like Victoria Beckham or have the A list help when it comes to styling but I do like to see what the new celebrity mums styles are and how they cope with new mum looks! They have so much help from stylists, trend setters and all round fashion and make up Guru’s – I always have a little nosey! Beyonce looks so beautiful and natural here with baby Blue Ivy. Rocking a red lip, clean skin and little… Read More →

Mum Make Up Tips!

So we introduced, Celebrity Hair-Stylist & Make-Up Artist and all round Glam Squad Guru Mr Kevin Fortune a few weeks ago on MIW. We hope you loved the interview as much as we did!  We are so delighted to have Kevin on board, sharing his expert & industry Make Up and Hair tips with all the amazing MIW fans. So not content with being the go to hair and make up stylist to the stars such as Kim Cattrall, Lisa Snowden, Jameela Jamil, Kelly Osborne….to name a few! Kevin has been helping me out with some ‘Mummy Make Up tips!!       So Kevin…us mums need some PROFESSIONAL make up help! With a newborn, toddler, 2, 3 + kids… Read More →

Lollipop Love

Fin has massively discovered sweets….something I avoided for so long but as he gets older (and we have relaxed as parents about food), the occasional treat has slipped in. Now, we don’t let him help himself to a bottle of coke or huge bag or gummy sweets here – just talking chocolate buttons, smarties and the occasional lollipop. Being a  dummy devotee, he is partial to a lollipop more often than not but when I know they are full of sugar and his teeth are still growing and at a very influential stage – we seem to have a ‘no more lolly’ confrontation more often that not when he is given one. I was so surprised how often he is… Read More →

Bring It On!

I hate to say it but I am so so excited for the UK (and Kate and William of course) on the impending arrival of the Royal Baby. Not only will it be incredibly wonderful for the new parents but I really hope it re ignites our country into that lovely patriotic feeling we had last year! Who didn’t love the Jubilee weekend and London Olympics?! Mmmmmm so I may be a little selfish here with my new found love for all things Queen and Country when poor old Kate is in the early stages of labour. So much press coverage on when the due date was, if Kate was using any of the old wives tale tricks to kick… Read More →

Bumpy Fashion!

So when a very dear pregnant friend came to see me the other day, we were chatting about Maternity Fashion and Maternity/Nursing Bras and I rattle off names like I normally do and the response was – EH? I didn’t know you could get these types of clothes?! SO pregnant mums and new mums, this is a dedicated post for you! I am sharing my favourite clothing places for bumps and new mums – y’know how it is. You have an event coming up, can’t find anything but refuse to go into a ‘maternity’ section fearing dungarees and smocks? FEAR not, hopefully this will change your mind. I am actually quite jealous I haven’t got a bump to dress! Top… Read More →

Wean-y Baby

So my son is a fussy toddler. The dreaded words I never wanted to say! He will now only eat Fruit if we put it on a cocktail stick OR next to a cocktail stick and he can put it on himself. Food is now a game…when did that happen?? I remember days when he would shovel handfuls of blueberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, pears, apples into his little mouth and make ‘more gestures’. It is extremely frustrating when your little one goes off anything – be it Milk, food, water….but now he can shout NO! and throw his plate off the table (Supernanny comes into force here), it kind of stressed me out a bit! Our picnic in the park… Read More →

Wake up Mummy!

ZZZZZZZZZZZ I am tired. The tiredness where you cannot be bothered to eat properly, make a cup of tea, go out the house or tidy  up. My eyes sting, my joints ache and I think of my bed every 10 seconds. Yes, welcome to parenthood my mum says! All very different in her day with being a full time mum. Not that I take away from any stay at home mum or dad – whether working full time or not. Managing many roles and bringing up little one is one big lesson in multitasking fatigue. I have never felt so tired in my whole life…in fact, ever since the day I became a mum, I think I pretty much gave… Read More →

A Bad Rep?

There has been a lot of debate on social media and online about Bounty Reps in Hospital Mumsnet revealed that the survey of more than 1,000 Mumsnetters (who gave birth after May 2012), reveals that: Over half (56%) of new mothers felt a Bounty rep invaded their privacy 60% were not specifically told their personal details would be passed on to other companies 82% don’t think hospitals should allow sales reps access to wards at all     Mumsnetters have reported being hassled by over-zealous Bounty salespeople From my personal experience, I was given 1 day to rest and then I saw the rep come around. Me being me, high as a kite on anti pre eclampsia drugs and pain… Read More →