Poorly Baby & Mummy!

MERRY CHRISTMAS all you yummy glam mummies! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and looking forward to a great New Year!         Now, I really did picture my Christmas Break to be full of festive cheer, mulled wine whilst singing carols, watching ‘The Snowman’  and telling my son Finley about Santa. Suffice to say that this did not happen and we all got struck with the Winter vomiting virus and flu. Not quite the festivities I had planned but with the help of some family and friends (and lots of disinfectant, tissues, baby medicine and Olbas Oil) we got through it! Finley has not been sick since he was a baby (and milk spit up is… Read More →

Merry Bumpmas!

  Feeling the pregnancy blues at Christmas and New Year can be tough for some mums Not being able to drink, party as well as you used to and being confined at home if you are close to due date can seem disheartening BUT there are many positives to carrying your festive bump over the Christmas Holidays REST, RELAX, RECHARGE ! When your baby (or babies) arrive, you will think back to the time you had to yourself and that you would just do anything for a few hours quiet and relaxtion  This is the time to rest up in the day, ask for spa goodies so you can pamper your body and mind. Taking long baths with a good book and some… Read More →

Letter From Santa

  By making your child’s Christmas extra special with a letter from Santa, you can also help many children out in the UK who are in difficult circumstances and vulnerable situations. For a small donation of £5 your child could receive one of five letter styles including newborn babies, family letters and letters for siblings and see your child’s eyes light up as they open their special gift. a magical keepsake letter from the Father Christmas himself. NSPCC are working closely with Father Christmas to deliver letters to children throughout the UK with the help from Rudolph Mail. Please visit the website here to create your magic memory and in doing so, knowing that you will be helping a much needed child in the… Read More →

A Toddler Christmas!

My son is not quite old enough to fully enjoy Christmas and all the excitement that comes with waiting for Father Christmas and his Reindeer’s, seeing all the presents and playing with all the new toys. BUT he is starting to understand Christmas and gets VERY excited when he sees any snowmen or Santa!               For those of you with little ones old enough to understand Christmas, I found some great ideas to keep their imaginations running high over the festive period!   CHRISTMAS SANTA TREAT What better way to prepare for a good nights sleep by letting your little one pour a glass of milk and leave a cookie out for Father Christmas? Making biscuits is… Read More →

Royal Baby News!

What fantastic news to hear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child!               I had Finley at 31 and with a similar break between my wedding and getting pregnant (which gave me time to enjoy being married for a little bit before getting ready to becoming a mum). I personally never suffered with morning sickness so I hope that Kate recovers very soon and starts to enjoy the pregnancy. Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a rare condition believed to affect up to two per cent of women in pregnancy and is a severe form of morning sickness. The tiredness and nausea can be overwhelming for any woman but for someone… Read More →

Lynsey Mckinstry

WELCOME to all the wonderful mummies who want honest, practical, current and modern tips, advice and interesting articles that make YOU feel empowered and most importantly not alone in the crazy life of parenthood! I’m Lynsey and I am mum to crazy 4 year old Finley and a new mummy to a fantastic little baby girl called Elsie. As a new mum with no history of babies or parenting boy did I struggle when he arrived! I looked everywhere for practical and modern advice from pregnancy days to labour, holidays with the kids to sleeping to feeding – you name it! Now as a mum of 2 I am living the dream of nappies, pre school learning, baby sick, Lego stuck in my… Read More →


Having a baby is the most wonderful gift known to woman, and being prepared for a baby is something that goes way beyond decorating the nursery! There’s so much advice telling you eat this, don’t eat that — when you’re pregnant, it seems everyone has advice on what you should and should not munch on. So here are some simple guidelines from the experts to help you navigate the nutrition maze   Healthy eating for when you are pregnant Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but also a time when you can feel quite overwhelmed by what people say you should, or should not, be doing. Hopefully this article will reassure you about healthy eating during pregnancy, providing you with… Read More →