THE DOG: Dear Dr Pam

Hi Dr Pam, My boy friend spends more time at grooming his dog then he does giving me foreplay. He lavishes attention on Daisy, shampooing her regularly and brushing her every day. When I complain to him that he doesn’t give me enough attention in the bedroom he just laughs. How can I make him see that it hurts me that he cares more for Daisy? Lucy, 23 x Hi Lucy, dear me, poor Daisy, if only she knew that she was coming between you two – I’m sure she wouldn’t want to! How about trying something a little different? Why not get your own pooch (borrow one because obviously you may not want to buy one) and make such… Read More →

Girls! – 5 different ways to orgasms!

Same orgasm, different way to get there. Siski Green says buckle up and enjoy the ride…   Girls a life without orgasms is like a life without shopping! We need it to survive …in my opinion! It’s like total heaven to experience those kind of pleasurable feelings! While some woman find it easy to orgasm going solo whilst no one else is around, I wondered why it’s hard sometimes to get that incredible ‘O’ pleasure during sex with a partner. I was totally shocked when I read that 25% of woman have never had a single one! I saw this article and thought …oh yes ! For all the girls who totally aren’t experiencing ultimate orgasms…Hopefully this article will help… Read More →