Tantrums, tears and three year olds!

Luckily for us mums with 3 years old’s, life is getting easier. Communication is strong, you can have a good chat about things (and the little tots understand you more than they did a year ago) and you can normally break the episode with laughter or distraction. This has to be – BY FAR – my favorite age. We really belly laugh together, make jokes, role play, express our love (and he means it) and show affection in huge ways I never thought possible. Now don’t get me wrong, there is the flip side which started at 2 (ish) and is continuing. I saw this on Facebook from Scary Mommy (A really funny and cute US website that I love)… Read More →

Pregnant Celebs…..help or hinder?

A lovely gallery of images popped up on my Facebook news feed and had to share with my mummy readers ASAP I always find reading about celebrity mums and their fashion a little bittersweet. On the plus side, I get a bit of inspiration but on the flip side, I always feel less glamours, chubby and frumpy. Pregnancy hormones could be a factor in this but after I posted a photo of the effortlessly cool Gwen Stefani rocking leather leggings, high heels and bright red lippy – I vowed to make more of an effort with my looks on this 2nd baby.                           As a result….um, I have… Read More →

Baby thoughts and boobs

Already I am starting to think about baby things needed. To be entirely honest, its more about the things we didn’t get which I wish we had (more dummies for starters) because I really did over buy useless things the 1st time. I think all new mums or dad’s can be seduced by lots of lovely items that you use once or twice and then leave to fester away in drawers and cupboards haha! At least the big spend is out the way and we have our travel system, car seats and nursery furniture!                 Planning to breastfeed again is a big decision for me as I found it so bloody awful the… Read More →

2nd time around- HELP

So hubby and I have decided to go ahead and plan for baby number 2. Both being from a family of 3, we have always wanted at least 2 kiddies and a sibling for Finley. Because Finley was not planned in anyway, actually #planning’ to ‘try’ for a baby stressed me out a bit! I consulted some friends who are pretty much prego experts (from measuring your basal body temperature (I know I didn’t know either) to ovulation kits and best time to ‘try’. I got a bit caught up in it and did some essential reading. With the new job, it pretty much went out the window as I wanted to give 100% to my new role so forgot… Read More →

Juggling Mums

Haha I love this – after a lengthy train conversation I had with a friend, she sent me this Mothers gets just 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day… and STILL take on the lion’s share of the chores Mothers have packed schedules and manage children, work and chores Modern mothers say they still take on 78% of the housework Top ways to unwind include read book, have a cup of tea and watch soaps It will hardly come as much of a surprise to millions of frazzled women across  the country. For a study has found that the average mother ends up with a mere 17 minutes to herself a day. Over the course of a whole… Read More →

What about….Moi?

SO yeah! What about me? One of the hardest things for me when I had finley was the loss of my time. No more afternoon naps, lazy lunches, mooching around the shops for hours, crazy nights out with 3 day hangovers, last minute mini breaks and spontaneous romantic moments! On the flip side you get this whole new person who is utterly and entirely yours to love, cherish, care for and spoil with love, attention and mothering but when things are not going well; I used to feel quite resentful and sad that my life had in fact changed.                   Thinking about the husband or partner role (i.e. those not giving birth/breastfeeding)… Read More →

Im back! New Year, New Job….New me?

WOW its been a long time since my last post and I am so sorry for all my mummy readers that I haven’t been around. More on that to follow as to why…… but I am back and HELLO and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all fabulous MIW ladies and men of course! Following on from my last post about embracing mummy hood (and believe me I have my off days) I made a huge personal decision and left my full time job. A VERY hard decision to make as for so long I was loving being full time but the travelling, being away and strain on family life became too much. My life had changed but the job had… Read More →

Halloween Fun

Is it me or is Halloween MUCH more ‘around’  than when I was younger? Back in my day, my poor mum had to make me little outfits and hunt high and low for a god awful nasty witches hat. To put it simply – none of this overtaking of the supermarkets and shops with Halloween goodies and outfits You may not want to step into the Americanization of Halloween but you cannot escape the fact that it gets bigger each year. Now I have a little one, I cant help but get swept away with it now (oh the shame!) More decorations to buy, more cool outfits for tots, kids and adults alike and a plethora of sweets to give… Read More →

Working hard for the mummy!

After a year of working full time, I made a decision very recently to go back to part time working and for a completely different job! I am now working locally, in an office and with colleagues. A far cry from being away through work, working at home in my little garden office and working away from colleagues. And…..I am LOVING it. I feel normal again! I love my little commute on the train (gives me chance to read up on all the celeb gossip and news), catch up with friends on the train and most importantly get my head together. I didn’t realise how important it was for me to get back working in a routine and with set… Read More →

Sad Mummies = big tummies??

In a new report today via the Daily Mail, they commented on the impact of Junk Food for pregnant mummies. Especially those feeling depressed or struggling with their positive thoughts through pregnancy. I hold my hand up that when I was pregnant with Fin, I eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I will also admit that it did help ‘lift my mood’ when I felt a bit down – you know, feeling like a whale, constant trips to the toilet, no naughty drunken nights out, feeling left out…etc etc The result was not good. Heavy pregnant lady, lots of weight to loose and I now worry for Finley. As being one who struggles with their weight, not naturally a… Read More →