Dad’s a Hero!

oooh I love fathers day – any excuse to spoil my husband with quality time with his adoring child (whilst I have a lie in haha) Well! It’s his day to be a DADDY so that includes a 6am start with Finley to absolutely make the most of his special day is it not? I’m joking ūüôā I will actually delight seeing Finley’s face when he hands over a little token of daddy appreciation this weekend. Now, you may be a cynic and class this day (amongst mothers day, valentines etc etc) as pure global marketing nonsense and I applaud you for being so forthright and sticking to your beliefs! I am a total sucker for the fancy displays in… Read More →

Toddler Tantrum Fun!

Oh dear me I have a child in the terrible two’s ūüôĀ I know this because 1) I have many tantrums over him wanting to eat Thomas and Friends shaped pasta for every single meal and when I say no, it is the end of the world 2) He will not wear his summer shoes and takes them off at any opportunity saying defiantly. ‘I don’t like them mummy’ (I think these are super cool for these hot temperatures and comfy from GAP – but he doesn’t understand function and fashion just yet)                 3) He cries huge big fat blobby tears when I say no to the slightest thing 4) He has… Read More →

Happy Feet

Happy Friday mummies! I do get a bit excited about the summer and I LOVE buying summer clothes for Fin…(more to follow on that – LOADS of great stuff out there and will share some tips for sunshine fun) BUT as an avid Clarks fan for baby’s first shoes and comfortable summer sandals for boys and girls, I had to share this video. SOOO CUTE!   It really is useful getting your little one’s feet measured for their 1st shoes (their little feet can be a little curled still). Getting a good shoe helps flatten them out and support their new mobility. I always find the staff really helpful and a great start for their new life upright! L… Read More →

Mums Rule

Shared to be by a dear friend, I love this and wanted to pass on To the mum who’s breastfeeding: Way to go! It really is an amazing gift to give your baby, for any amount of time that you can manage! You’re a good mum. To the mum who’s formula feeding: Isn’t science amazing? To think there was a time when a baby with a mother who couldn’t produce enough would suffer, but now? Better living through chemistry! You’re a good mum. To the cloth diapering mum: Fluffy bums are the cutest, and so friendly on the bank account. You’re a good mum. To the disposable diapering mum: Damn those things hold a lot, and it’s excellent to not… Read More →

Stylish mama

I do like my leggings and they did serve me well in all stages of pregnancy (and I still continue¬†to wear them) BUT is there life outside LEGGINGS?? To you, my mum friends – new and 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc mummies – let’s look at some lovely fashion ideas for you. Bearing in mind, many of us struggle with financial aspects of buying new clothes and also where to start to look stylish and most importantly to flatter our new bodies. Most women see a real change in their figure after having a baby. For me, I actually went up a shoe size and my¬†rib cage¬†seemed to be larger than before. I always had a good hourglass figure but after… Read More →

Sexy Mama

A question all new mums ask themselves, each other and also their partners tend to ask quite a lot of when its safe to have sex after childbirth. Will it hurt? will it feel the same? do I feel ready? I REALLY want it? – all normal questions I think need to be discussed a little bit more! I know some new mums who had the most straightforward birth and pretty much felt ‘ok’ to get back home and return to life as normal – this included a bit of sauciness in the bedroom, cooking a family roast for 10 and spring cleaning the whole house while they took to motherhood like a duck to water. I, on the other… Read More →

Being Mum (tips and surviving)

I am 100% confident that whoever you are, whilst you are/were pregnant and also when the baby arrives – you get given tons of advice. People who don’t even know you¬†bestow¬†endless pearls of wisdom…for example, I was given some advice at the local post office when 6 months gone along the lines of ‘good luck love, that baby looks HUGE! You will be in AGONY – get an epidural! hahahaha’                       Mmmmmmm ok. Lets assume I wasn’t huge (I was – see above) and also lets assume I do not want an epidural (I didn’t). It did get me thinking – how funny that being pregnant or with child gives… Read More →

This week I feel like….

  Yes – Wonderwomen….or should that be Wondermum? haha! I always did love that outfit     Well it has been a few weeks of work and toddler hell. Thank goodness the husband is my steady rock of sanity. Whilst away on a work business trip (5 days away from my family =bad times) – he kept the fort running. He also kept ‘running’ around after Fin who has decided that his big boy bed is just a springboard to leap off of when he doesn’t want to sleep. Suffice to say, my week away resulted in one very tired daddy who required the strength, power and¬†persuasion¬†of WONDERMUM! WELL….. I didn’t¬†quite¬†work that way and poor me ended up spending 30… Read More →

Family Festivals

Want to get down with the kids – I literally mean kids – at a family friendly festival? All the rage for yummy mummies, earth mummies, fun mummies – even non mummies! Family festivals offer families the chance to take the kids away for the weekend and enjoy the festival life (albeit at a slightly less crazy pace)! I have listed some of the most popular below and also in my opinion, the best of the bunch!     Starry Skies Festival Not just a pretty name but a wonderful festival in South Wales which offers great camping, great facilities and a jam packed schedule of activities. Perfect for those with older kids as the¬†programme¬†of events are varied and fun… Read More →

In Diet Hell :(

I am -9.5lbs down in 6 weeks. Not bad you say? I still have 2 more stone to go and the thought terrifies me (and this is to get into the ‘healthy BMI range). Before child, I would have been out at the gym morning and evening with long sessions on the weekend. Now working full time, I have to¬†prioritise. Do I go to the gym¬†Saturday¬†morning or do I take son to the park? Do I squeeze in that yoga session or do I have dinner with my son and enjoy the 2 hours before his bedtime? I know getting us both outside IS exercising but as we all know, its not quite the same is it when you have… Read More →