Sunday….Mum’s day

Whether its your first, second, third etc Mothers Day – I think its a wonderful excuse to be looked after for the day and also treat your mum ! It doesn’t have to be expensive or over generous  but simply to celebrate your relationship with you nearest and dearest If you want to spoil (and be spoilt of course!) I did however think of some thoughtful gifts most modern mums would enjoy to receive! I always think  Spa Days/Gift Vouchers or Pamper kits – I adore spa days. If I can relax for a couple or hours, switch off from work and mummy duties then it can only benefit the kiddies right? 🙂 try online for gifts, vouchers available nationwide or use your… Read More →


It has been a busy time here in my house…no, not anything to do with my son but because of work I never really understood the amount of juggling that would need to be done when I returned to work full time. Sure, I get to work from home some days but I am also out the house in London or around the UK and leaving on time require monumental effort. Not only do I need to get ready (look good!) and leave the house with all my working paraphernalia, I also need to get little one ready for nursery or nanny! Out of my lovely mummy friends, only myself and 2 others are working a 4 day + week…. with… Read More →

Mrs Oliver Creates!

On these dreary days I just love looking at clothes for Finley 🙂 just need to find some more room in his little wardrobe which is already busting at the seams! Gone are the days I would spend online looking for party outfits and make up for me…I tend to find myself browsing all the children’s retailers for cool, cute and practical clothes. He often comes back from Nursery covered in paint, mud and food so I would save these for the weekend but they are just gorgeous!           I love Jules Oliver and enjoy reading her blog – its nice to see a parent coping so well with so many children! Have a look at the collection but here are my favourites from her Little… Read More →

Ibiza…for mums and tots?

Ask anyone who knows me well where I feel most at home and they will tell you its Ibiza My husband and I have completely fallen in love with the island – so much so, we took Finley when he was 9 months together with my mum and sister. We all had an amazing holiday (and thankfully babysitters on hand to have Finley when we visited Pacha one night). SO much so, my mum returned with her friends and my sister is saving up her pennies to go back. You can imagine when this popped into my email from the wonderful White Ibiza, I got a little bit excited! Mother Love Retreat in Ibiza offers a chance to escape to… Read More →

Tired Mummy?

I know how tiring it is being a new mum, a 2nd or 3rd time mum or just adapting to the daily grind of juggling life with children. I am lucky I have a fantastic husband who works with me 50/50 on most things but I know some women are not as lucky. I count my blessings every day that I have great support and family close by. One of the main problems with our new role is lack of sleep. Luckily, my 2 year old son is now in a healthy sleep pattern of 7pm-7am (with an occasional late morning after a pretty hectic day) but I remember those days waking every 2 hours to feed or soothe a crying… Read More →

Domestic Goddess ?

  SO after having a few days off from my full time job I have reverted back to my maternity leave days (bar being in my pyjamas all day breastfeeding and watching re-runs of ER). The house is spotless, I’ve cleaned and tidied where I have never been before and I indulged myself in good old morning tv. Give me one more week and I will be channeling my inner Kirsty Allsop and ‘crafting’ anything I can get my hands on that needs some ‘vintage’  TLC. (Pssst For some great  inspiration from the lady herself click here)     The boys love it…a kiss for husband as he comes in from work, lovely smelling clean clothes ironed, beds are made, tasty home… Read More →

Lynsey Mckinstry

WELCOME to all the wonderful mummies who want honest, practical, current and modern tips, advice and interesting articles that make YOU feel empowered and most importantly not alone in the crazy life of parenthood! I’m Lynsey and I am mum to crazy 4 year old Finley and a new mummy to a fantastic little baby girl called Elsie. As a new mum with no history of babies or parenting boy did I struggle when he arrived! I looked everywhere for practical and modern advice from pregnancy days to labour, holidays with the kids to sleeping to feeding – you name it! Now as a mum of 2 I am living the dream of nappies, pre school learning, baby sick, Lego stuck in my… Read More →