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Back in the dating game?

Hello girls. Well I’m writing to you after on of the most awkward first dates ever. Bearing in mind it’s the first proper one I’ve been on since breaking up. This was a full on one on one meal with a guy I met drunkenly in a club for about 20mins who ended up with my number. Smooth. I wouldn’t normally agree to meet up with someone I barley knew but thanks to some persistent persuasion from my best friend I just though ‘stuff it!’ And went. I was approaching the date with negative feelings. The poor guy! The whole what do I wear thing proved problematic! After raiding my wardrobe and moving all its contents to the floor and… Read More →

Dancing Fool

It’s Christmas and I do believe that being silly and not taking yourself too seriously is the key to finding your inner Goddess. So with that in mind Merry Christmas and enjoy me looking like a silly billy for your cheap entertainment! FYI my moves are nearly as good as this, honest! Whoever you’re with this Christmas remember to love them for who they are not what they give you and that everyone is doing the best that they can otherwise they’d be doing it differently. Peaceful times.


Unless you live under a rock (how is it under there?) you would have probably heard of Sh*t Girls Say! It’s a viral sensation, the crème de la crème of youtube procrastination, and in result sparked a mass market of copy cat video makers! And guess what! The Sh*t Girls say creators have made a book! It’s available onlineand in store at Urban Outfitters. The book does exactly what it says on the tin, a hilarious collection of all the things girls might or might not say! We strongly recommend it! To celebrate the book’s release into UO stores, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard (The men behind the madness) have dedicated a video to the sh*t girls say at Urban Outfitters… It’s like… totally funny!… Read More →