‘HERE COME THE GIRLS’ – ‘THE MIW GIRLS’ – Our team is made up of everyday, down to earth hunny’s from across the Planet. Recognised and hand picked to be part of the MIW team for being successfully passionate about their own specific fields of knowledge & experience, they are here to be positively straight, honest, inspiring and of course, to help inform and motivate the Girls across the Global Universe about what they think is HOT, HELPFUL & some cases damn HEROIC!

These ‘High Heeled Avengers’ will stop at nothing to test, review, inform and post honestly and openly about what other Girl sites don’t and some cases won’t – uninfluenced or motivated by money, power or praise we are totally INDEPENDENT. This is site is ran by WOMEN for WOMEN. MISS INDEPENDENT WOMAN ‘ our very nature inspires both our existence and our desire to serve.

Sent from Planet G I R L to pass empowering knowledge on the latest of everything woman & girl! – MIW’s task is to spread positivity, independence, confidence, style, joy and female laughter!


The MIW mantra: ‘Women Inspiring Women’

Elly Hill

    Hi, my name is Elly Hill and I am overjoyed to announce that I am now part of the Miss Independent Woman team!! My day job is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and luckily for me I LOVE my job! I am based in beautiful Pembrokeshire, South Wales but also provide online coaching and personal training. You’ll be surprised to hear this but as a teenager in secondary school I avoided sport and fitness at all costs. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I fell in love with the gym and all things sporty. My main passions are resistance training and running but if it gets you fit and gets you sweating I will give it a… Read More →

Polly Lawton

Hello my name is Polly, Fashion blogger for MIW magazine and I am thrilled to be part of this lovely team!! To tell you a little bit about me….. I live in Nottinghamshire, and in my early twenties I wanted to move to London and work in the media/entertainment field. I auditioned for drama school and became a professionally trained actress. Since graduating in 2009, I have done some voice over’s, featured in short films and music video’s and done some modelling. I have always been obsessed with fashion, so I am super excited that I can channel this passion into my blog and hopefully inspire you to dress fab on a budget. My loves in life are my family,… Read More →

Victoria Picton

Gorgeous Girlies!! Firstly…. Welcome to MIW! My name is Victoria Picton (VP for short) and its my honour to be the Editor in Chief & Founder of Miss Independent Woman.com / (MIW). Thank you so much for joining us Online, I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your MIW experience or our little Slumber Party as we like to think of it! N.B – THIS SITE IS FOR YOU! WE ARE LIVE!! however, we are still growing & learning so you may find mistakes! please bare with us as in order for MIW to become everything we hope it to be, we will need time and more importantly YOU! Your help, love & feedback is really important to us so please feel free to email with any… Read More →

Dr Pam Spurr

Dr. Pam Spurr is our ‘Love & Life Doc’ who talks honestly about sex, love and life each week answering the types of questions that touch your lives. Dr. Pam’s an agony aunt, solutions coach and psychologist who appears regularly on TV like This Morning and numerous radio stations as well as writing for national newspapers including an online column for the Sun newspaper, magazines and websites including her weekly Love Clinic on iVillage UK. Some of Pam’s many empowering beliefs include: Everyone has far more strength and power within them than they realise You can face and embrace change and not be scared of it Respect yourself and others are more likely to – and if they don’t then… Read More →

Amy May Shead

My name is Amy May and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the fabulous Miss Independent Woman team, what a super splendid bunch they are! When I’m not writing for this marvellous online slumber party I can be found working on some of the most popular daytime television shows – Daybreak, Lorraine and This Morning. I create all kinds of online features, behind the scenes exclusives, reveal the latest fashion must haves, plus more! You’ll also find me mingling with all kinds of celebrities, from Russell Brand to David Attenborough, or breaking hard news stories – There really is never a dull moment. Believe it or not, you can even catch sight of me on screen in the This Morning… Read More →

Sinead Kelly

  Hi ladies! I am so excited to be part of the Miss Independent Team. Exciting times ahead, but first here’s a little information about me. Hairdressing was my first job, I started it at the young age of 15 and now I have being doing it for over 17 years…..Wow! I am longer in the job than out of it (time fly’ss when your having FUN). During this time I have had so many opportunities from working back stage at LFW to working along side some of the greatest names in my industry, but one of my proudest moments in my career had to be when I represented Ireland in the European Hairdressing Championships in Paris and won the… Read More →

Sophie Craig

Helloooo! I’m Sophie, MIW’s resident Northerner and Guniea pig! I’m so excited to be a part of this massive girly sleep over and for you to be a part of it too! Having finished drama school in 2012, I made the move down to London and I am loving it’s crazy life style! As the Guinea Pig, I’ll be trying out all sorts of daft things, from make up, hair colouring and nail kits to diets, crazy old wives tales and beauty ‘treatments’ all so you can get the low down on what works and whats just a load of rubbish. I’ll also be posting every now and then a few bits and pieces that come in and out of… Read More →

Joy Carter

Hello! My name is Joy and I am a Businesswoman and stand up comedian www.joycarter.co.uk or twitter @joycartershow I will be writing your ‘Finding your inner goddess’ section. It is important to be fabulous inside to really make your outside sparkle even more.  A new friend nicknamed me ‘Black Brainy Barbie’ and I love it!  Move over past plastic childhood pseudo image… In my blog I will be interviewing inspirational political women, seriously don’t miss any of my interviews. As women we need to encourage each other and learn from great ladies who are maybe a little more advanced in some life issues than we are. Expect some candid, exceptional life keys and tips about successful living. My Favourite quote is that of the… Read More →

Lynsey Mckinstry

WELCOME to all the wonderful mummies who want honest, practical, current and modern tips, advice and interesting articles that make YOU feel empowered and most importantly not alone in the crazy life of parenthood! I’m Lynsey and I am mum to crazy 4 year old Finley and a new mummy to a fantastic little baby girl called Elsie. As a new mum with no history of babies or parenting boy did I struggle when he arrived! I looked everywhere for practical and modern advice from pregnancy days to labour, holidays with the kids to sleeping to feeding – you name it! Now as a mum of 2 I am living the dream of nappies, pre school learning, baby sick, Lego stuck in my… Read More →