I Love Me Campaign !!

I love me Campaign / ‘The MIW body confidence boost’ We aren’t always good at feeding ourselves with confidence or celebrating how great we are, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Simply share this video and Tag one of your besties on fb/twitter and tell her two things you love about her, use tags #MIW2thingsiloveaboutyou @MIWmagazine Let’s spread some positivite Girl-Tude and confidence to our girls across the globe !      

Old wives tale put to the TEST! Guinea pig Video

Hey Ladies! We all want naturally longer looking lashes right? I mean who wouldn’t?  A rather tame one this week, but one I’m sure were all wanting to know! This week I took a look at an old wives tale. Does Vaseline make your eyelashes longer?  Well, that’s what my grandma always told me, amongst things like ‘oranges make your knees smooth,’ and ‘sitting too close to the fire gives your rickets.’ Hmm… So Grandma, I put you to the test!  At the risk of looking like I had permanent conjunctivitis and getting several whiteheads from covering my skin in grease every night, I gave it a go to let you know, just if it’s worth the hassle. Every night… Read More →


Hey lovely ladies! So this year, I was lucky enough to begun filming a brand new TV pilot called LUCKLESS! We premiered the episode in Leicester square at the begging of this month to industry professionals and it really has got an amazing buzz about it. It was an amazing night and the start of the Luckless epidemic. I wanted to share with you the trailer for ‘Luckless’ so you can see what I’ve been up to. It truly was the highlight of my year getting the opportunity to film with some incredible people and meeting amazing friends.  The full episode will be up and online soon for you to see, and then hopefully on your TV screen in the… Read More →

MIW RECORD OF THE WEEK – London Grammar (Strong)

Hi Girls! We Hope you’re FANTASTIC! Our MIW ‘Record of The Week’ is the AMAZING ‘Strong’ by London Grammar (if you don’t know get to know!!!! They are going to be MASSIVE!!). Make sure you TWEET US with all your ‘Record of the week’ suggestions & let us know what you think of the track in comments below!! (Just make sure your logged into Facebook or Twitter !!) SHARE THE ‘MIW Record of the Week’ on the Network buttons below!!! Much Love, MIW Radio x

Loose inches while you sleep?- The cling film trials

Hey ladies! Continuing with the theme of finding things around the kitchen to make yourself feel better, this week, i put cling film to the test! Who needs those expensive body wraps when you have cling film right? The idea is simple. Wrap yourself from head to foot in cling film, go to sleep in it and wake up feeling like a slinky supermodel. Easy right? Well…In theory maybe. Please ignore the gross granny underwear in the video. Its not supposed to be sexy 😛 I did not sleep well and to put it nicely it made me a sweaty mess. I woke up super thirsty too, naturally as all you are doing is getting rid of your body’s toxins… Read More →

Beauty products found in your fridge!

Hello girls! So after a few requests and strange recommendations, I thought I’d do a few trials on using the things in your fridge to make you feel amazing on the outside. I mean if its good for your insides, it has to be good for your outsides too right? This week I put to the test an ‘Egg white face mask.’ Have you ever found yourself in a fluster before a big night out? Tan, check. Hair, Check. Dress, check. Nails, check. Face. Crap! Never fear! If you find your self with a T-Zone greasier than a deep fried mars bar, and your completely out of your amazing primer/face mask/cleanser (granted if your out of all 3, we feel your… Read More →

I tested out the CABBAGE SOUP DIET!

Hey beautiful ladies! Firstly I would like to apologise for the quality of the video this week.  The camera I used was rather pants but I captured the footage all the same 🙂 I hope its not too much of an issue  🙂 Boring bits over and now back to the most exciting thing ever! Cabbage! Exciting right!?  The Cabbage soup diet! It promises to make you loose around 10lbs in one week. I started the week skeptical as ever, as you would. How can you possibly loose that much weight in one week without starving yourself? As always I will give you an honest and open account of the Guinea pig trials, trying and testing things, so you don’t have to. The diet… Read More →

How Two Live Fashion Blogger Twins

The ‘How Two Live’ Blog is based on the lives of Stef & Jess who are a set of fashionable twins recognised worldwide. They come from Melbourne, Australia. But wherever they are in the world, they know how two live. From Glob-trotting, platform-wearing, cafe-hopping and blog-writing they are taking the fashion world by storm! Just recently, they attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Sydney, Australia and boy did they stand out in their gorgeous matching Alice McCall outfits! I quickly took them aside for an interview, before they got swarmed by their fans & media. I asked them what they thought of the Alice McCall Spring Summer 2013 Collection, as well as a few quick questions about their… Read More →

A Mayonnaise miracle!

Hello senoritas!! This week I put to the test another beauty product that can be found in your fridge! MAYONNAISE!! Yes you heard it correctly gorgeous ladies. Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise! In the name of female beauty, i covered my hair in mayonnaise. It is known to make the hair soft, silky and shiny due to its oily properties! If you find yourself a little low on the old argon oil fear not! Mayonnaise has the answer!!  It leaves your hair super shiny, soft and silky, the only thing is make sure you wash your hair after, because the mayo has a strong smell, and if you do not wash it off very good your left smelling a bit like an egg sandwich…… Read More →


Unless you live under a rock (how is it under there?) you would have probably heard of Sh*t Girls Say! It’s a viral sensation, the crème de la crème of youtube procrastination, and in result sparked a mass market of copy cat video makers! And guess what! The Sh*t Girls say creators have made a book! It’s available onlineand in store at Urban Outfitters. The book does exactly what it says on the tin, a hilarious collection of all the things girls might or might not say! We strongly recommend it! To celebrate the book’s release into UO stores, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard (The men behind the madness) have dedicated a video to the sh*t girls say at Urban Outfitters… It’s like… totally funny!… Read More →