Unless you live under a rock (how is it under there?) you would have probably heard of Sh*t Girls Say! It’s a viral sensation, the crème de la crème of youtube procrastination, and in result sparked a mass market of copy cat video makers! And guess what! The Sh*t Girls say creators have made a book! It’s available onlineand in store at Urban Outfitters. The book does exactly what it says on the tin, a hilarious collection of all the things girls might or might not say! We strongly recommend it! To celebrate the book’s release into UO stores, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard (The men behind the madness) have dedicated a video to the sh*t girls say at Urban Outfitters… It’s like… totally funny!… Read More →

How to….20’s style

Rita ora amazes me she wears the 20’s curl perfectly as she recently showed us at the MTV EMA’s …stunning!! Each week i’ll find step by steps on how to help you achieve the perfect do, for whichever occasion your’e heading to this festive season. Here’s a little bit of help with trying this style out yourself.   Happy practising, k x     Check out more at

Festive Colour Fancies..

  Reds and coppers seem to be dominating catwalks, salons and high streets alone.Here are a few of my favourite styles this season.. Dip Dye still seems to be bang on trend, even though them summer months seem a distant memory,Nicola Roberts has been a fan of this style to. Florence seems to rock the colour ‘Ginger’ all year round…It is now perfectly acceptable to be a red head and show off! Beautiful copper tones perfectly teamed with pale skin, bright lips and loosely curled hair are sure to brighten up them long Autumn/Winter months ahead. Warm,subtle tones are perfect to show off in an elegant side up do. This will make sure that every colour is out to shine.  … Read More →

In ‘The Mood’ Food

Sexy foods to get you in the mood. And some of them may surprise you…     Asparagus! Not only does it get your juices going its a great source of potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin and folic acid. Phewph! The latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes. Sneak some of these greens into your mans dinner…     Chocolate. We know this one! This little beauty makes the brain produce feel-good serotonin. Be sure to indulge in the dark variety though— it contains incredible amounts of antioxidants, whereas milk chocolate is just that: milk and sugar with very small amounts of cocoa. Naughty- in… Read More →

My ‘Vampire Man’ makes the ‘cut.’

24 year old Lauren Adkins from Memphis, Tenesee, always knew she was destined to marry her vampire lover, knowing he was a cut above her ex’s. Her obsession with Edward Cullen, the twilight character has led to her happily planning their Las Vegas wedding in the Viva Las Vegas chapel in January next year! The flowers, minister and cake are all booked and around 50 guests will be attending the £2000 wedding. She bought her fiancé from a record shop for £15 in November 2010 and claims that they have hardly spent a day apart. “I even have a beach honeymoon planned for me and my vampire hubby.” The art student said she didn’t have to ask him to marry… Read More →

MIW of the Month Danielle – from hospital to runway!

Danielle has a rare condition that makes her hips dislocate five times a day defies the odds to become a catwalk model.   Danielle Cassar, 17, struggles to walk without crutches after an ice skating accident left her with a crippling hip condition three years ago A teenager whose rare condition mean her hips can dislocate up to five times a day has battled back from her hospital bed to enter a modelling competition. But the student, who has to take more than 30 doses of pain relief a day, is planning to strut her stuff down the catwalk – even though doing so could dislocate her hips. She has made the finals of the Miss Teen Queen UK on November… Read More →

The Deodorant you eat to keep you smelling sweet?!

Ok. Well this gave us a little giggle here at MIW. So we’ve all offered our friend a tic tac if they’re not smelling to fresh, but a sweet for your sweat?  Now that’s new!  A new piece of confectionery billed as “edible deodorant.” Beneo, an American nutrition and health company partnered with Bulgarian candy maker, Alpi, have developed sweets that will leave you smelling like a bed of roses.     Their website explains, “The innovative technology behind Deo Perfume Candy is based on research by Japanese scientists. Their studies showed that when ingested, rose oil exudes aromatic compounds, such as geraniol, through the skin. When evaporating through the skin, geraniol aromatizes it with a beautiful rose fragrance.” Too good to be true?… Read More →

Cosmo’s Ultimate Woman Of The Year 2012; The Winners!

If there’s one thing MIW adores it’s celebrating brilliant women, thanks to Cosmopolitan a whole evening of celebrations went underway to positively rejoice our wonderful females in the spirit of girl power. It was a night full of glitz and glamour at the annual awards but here’s who made Cosmo’s winner list! Everyone from Kelly Osbourne, to X Factor’s Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger to the gorgeous Olympian, Jessica Ennis attended the 2012 Ultimate Women Awards 2012 with V05 at the V and A museum. Radio one’s finest female Fern Cotton hosted the evening, showing us how radiant and glamorous being pregnant really is in her moody floral dress. The X Factor judges of past and present all took home awards, Tulisa… Read More →


  Cosmo’s Ultimate Editor’s Choice: Stephanie Kercher by Rosie Mullender When Cosmo’s Rosie Mullender interviewed Stephanie Kercher, she found her to be a worthy winner of an Ultimate Women Award – and was left feeling truly inspired When I first met Stephanie Kercher, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her sister, Meredith, was brutally murdered in Perugia, Italy, five years ago, and having lived in the glare of the media throughout the high-profile trial that followed, she had, understandably, shunned interviews with the press. But with the fifth anniversary of Meredith’s death looming, and Stephanie’s decision to launch a fund to help her parents financially as their fight for justice continues, she agreed to meet me to talk about her… Read More →