Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is an important step while doing your make up ,it is a double edged weapon,it gives  you a great look if you make the right choice but on the other hand it could disguise your natural beauty if you don’t choose the one matching your skin. Oily skin: If your skin is oily the powder and oily free foundation is the perfect choice for your skin, it contains powders that absorb the oils ,reflects a smoothie –matt finish to your face . Dry skin: If you have a dry skin avoid the powder foundation and think about the liquid foundation ,the hydrating powder foundation or sticky foundations, both of them contains moisturising substances that will moisture your dry skin and will make your… Read More →

laughter, joy and a battle to be won

Waiting in the wings as a stand up comic is a little like riding into battle… who knows what is out there?  But the determination to succeed is the same, sometimes we as ladies are required to FIGHT for what we believe in.  Don’t look back, feel the rush of adrenaline and just press in when someone shouts ‘CHARGE!’. I walk onto an open stage with just the microphone as a friend, I hold up a large picture of my white family and me as a little black baby and tell the audience how people would often ask me as a child ‘When was the moment you realized you were adopted?’  As I hear the huge swell of laughter resound… Read More →

Polly Lawton

Hello my name is Polly, Fashion blogger for MIW magazine and I am thrilled to be part of this lovely team!! To tell you a little bit about me….. I live in Nottinghamshire, and in my early twenties I wanted to move to London and work in the media/entertainment field. I auditioned for drama school and became a professionally trained actress. Since graduating in 2009, I have done some voice over’s, featured in short films and music video’s and done some modelling. I have always been obsessed with fashion, so I am super excited that I can channel this passion into my blog and hopefully inspire you to dress fab on a budget. My loves in life are my family,… Read More →

Post Baby Unwanted Hair Loss!

So ladies. Living and owning a salon in such a picturesque area like Barnes, in South West London ( nappy valley ) I am always asked various post baby questions over and over again, one of those being about post pregnancy hair loss! With the Royal Baby being the most talked about topic at the moment, I thought I would do a series of posts about post baby hair, skin, emotions and diet tips. All of this will come from my own personal experience and the challenges I have faced over the last 12 months.   Since becoming a Mum I have found there is a lot of subjects that women don’t talk about. They tend to just ignore things and… Read More →

Hair Products Review from The Kelly Sister’s

Myself and Mandy had a lot of fun doing these videos. Since then we have done another 4 but this time they will be hair tutorials. But before we post them we wanted to share with you some products that we reviewed that you can purchase from any Superdrug store.   Whilst watching we give you some tips on how to use these products, we hope you enjoy ladies!   As always I love sharing my posts and videos with you all. And if you would like to contact me for advice or just want to give me some feedback or request for future posts or video, you can contact me twitter @SineaKellyLdn or my Facebook page or maybe… Read More →

The Story of female DJ Sarah Giggle

It certainly is true that music makes the world go round, but just who is doing the spinning?!  In an Industry heavily dominated by males, MIW wants to know just how it feels to be a female behind the decks! With inspiring female DJ’s such as Annie Mac & radio presenters Fern Cotton and Jameela Jamil, we hope this has encouraged girls to get behind the decks & take on the boys in total DJ domination !! Essex born DJ & producer Sarah Giggle (Yes that actually is her name) has as much charisma behind the decks as her cheeky name reflects! Tipped to be one of the hottest female DJ’s in the UK right now, Sarah has played some of… Read More →

How to create The Kardashian’s statement locks

The Kardashian’s sisters are know for many of things and one being their statement locks , these looks “require large barrel tongs and a lot of backcombing” The reality TV beauties are famed for their fabulously volumised locks, which are usually teased into glamorously cascading waves that make every women envious! Fear not ladies, because I’m going to tell you the secrets on how to create these stunning looks…. Big hair is big news this coming season, here are my top tips to re-creating The K sister’s stunning styles at home. To achieve statement big hair requires large barrel tongs (my favourite tongs has to be Babyliss) and a lot of backcombing! Step 1 The best way to use a… Read More →

Juice2u – Take 2!

So ladies, This is the second time I have detoxed this year thanks to the lovely people at “Juice2u.” As you will know, i reviewed  their 3 day detox last time and had great results! You can read that review here! However, this time, it’s the 5 day one as opposed to the 3 day one. Scary was my first initial thought! 5 Days without food was a little daunting, but I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It almost became routine. Prior to this detox, I had really been working on building muscle and stripping fat, so I wasn’t expecting a huge weight loss as my muscle mass was  a lot higher… Read More →

New Mums Hair & Make-up tips

So after my previous post I had a lot of you on twitter and Facebook asking me to do a post on my favourite quick fix hairstyles. I truly believe that just because you have had a little one and life has become one massive roller coaster it doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go or give yourself little or no time for looking like a Hot Mama!!   I remember one of my first outings to meet some girlfriends with the little man in tow, all I wanted was that 15 mins of quietness whilst I got myself together, but did that happen? Definitely not! Most days he had a little nap around 9am (Gina Ford Baby!) on… Read More →

How To Achieve Natural Waves like Moi!

Hi Ladies So I have being tweeting and posting on Facebook for the last couple of weeks asking what you fabulous women would like my next post to be about and the most popular response was asking  How to achieve natural waves like Moi! This is  probably one of the most asked questions I get asked on a regular basis from clients and friends. Natural waves can be achieved by “pin curling” your hair. Some times if I have a busy week (which is most weeks) I would prepare my hair the night before and sleep with a hairnet! Yes ladies you did hear me right….. a hairnet. When I first tell people this they think I am bonkers or… Read More →