Vogue reveals the secrets behind those glossy shoots

Vogue magazine has taken the bold step in revealing all the time and effort taken, that goes into those glossy images of those ‘super natural’ women gracing the front of magazines, in a tell all video aimed at teenage girls and young women. Having been a young teenager that suffered with body image, it really is about time something was done to educate young women, and prove that even they models on the front of these magazines, don’t even look like that! Vogue have revealed that, It takes a team of 20 professionals and up to three hours of work to make a supermodel look good enough for a photo shoot. British Vogue filmed one of its photo shoots to… Read More →

Seriously Semtex!- Gym Supplement review

Hi Gorgeous ladies! So in these past few months after settling into a job and auditions and quitting the waitress job that was taking over my life, I’ve recently rekindled my love for the gym. I’m a bit like a mad woman on a mission and after the “Juice2u” detox I recently reviewed, I was asked about what kind of supplements could keep you in Shape. I received a few emails about various weight loss pills that some of our girls wanted me to try and review for them, but being a big believer in that the only healthy way to loose weight and keep it off, is to eat healthily and exercise I didn’t want to fund placebo weight… Read More →

MIW RECORD OF THE WEEK – London Grammar (Strong)

Hi Girls! We Hope you’re FANTASTIC! Our MIW ‘Record of The Week’ is the AMAZING ‘Strong’ by London Grammar (if you don’t know get to know!!!! They are going to be MASSIVE!!). Make sure you TWEET US with all your ‘Record of the week’ suggestions & let us know what you think of the track in comments below!! (Just make sure your logged into Facebook or Twitter !!) SHARE THE ‘MIW Record of the Week’ on the Network buttons below!!! Much Love, MIW Radio x

The Dreaded Post Baby Weight Loss

This had to be my biggest challenge when it came to my image post baby. To be honest I could deal with the bit of hair loss. After all, I can get a bouncy blow-dry to disguise it. I could just about deal with the stretch marks that my beautiful boy gave me as a gift, because I am not exactly going to be wearing a crop top showing off my midriff. But the extremely flabby belly was painful, not forgetting how enormous my thighs went and my ankles (kankles as I would call them).   Having gone through an emergency C section I couldn’t do anything for the first 6 weeks at least, and to be honest for the… Read More →

Loose inches while you sleep?- The cling film trials

Hey ladies! Continuing with the theme of finding things around the kitchen to make yourself feel better, this week, i put cling film to the test! Who needs those expensive body wraps when you have cling film right? The idea is simple. Wrap yourself from head to foot in cling film, go to sleep in it and wake up feeling like a slinky supermodel. Easy right? Well…In theory maybe. Please ignore the gross granny underwear in the video. Its not supposed to be sexy 😛 I did not sleep well and to put it nicely it made me a sweaty mess. I woke up super thirsty too, naturally as all you are doing is getting rid of your body’s toxins… Read More →

Victoria Picton

Gorgeous Girlies!! Firstly…. Welcome to MIW! My name is Victoria Picton (VP for short) and its my honour to be the Editor in Chief & Founder of Miss Independent Woman.com / (MIW). Thank you so much for joining us Online, I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your MIW experience or our little Slumber Party as we like to think of it! N.B – THIS SITE IS FOR YOU! WE ARE LIVE!! however, we are still growing & learning so you may find mistakes! please bare with us as in order for MIW to become everything we hope it to be, we will need time and more importantly YOU! Your help, love & feedback is really important to us so please feel free to email with any… Read More →

Dr Pam Spurr

Dr. Pam Spurr is our ‘Love & Life Doc’ who talks honestly about sex, love and life each week answering the types of questions that touch your lives. Dr. Pam’s an agony aunt, solutions coach and psychologist who appears regularly on TV like This Morning and numerous radio stations as well as writing for national newspapers including an online column for the Sun newspaper, magazines and websites including her weekly Love Clinic on iVillage UK. Some of Pam’s many empowering beliefs include: Everyone has far more strength and power within them than they realise You can face and embrace change and not be scared of it Respect yourself and others are more likely to – and if they don’t then… Read More →

Amy May Shead

My name is Amy May and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the fabulous Miss Independent Woman team, what a super splendid bunch they are! When I’m not writing for this marvellous online slumber party I can be found working on some of the most popular daytime television shows – Daybreak, Lorraine and This Morning. I create all kinds of online features, behind the scenes exclusives, reveal the latest fashion must haves, plus more! You’ll also find me mingling with all kinds of celebrities, from Russell Brand to David Attenborough, or breaking hard news stories – There really is never a dull moment. Believe it or not, you can even catch sight of me on screen in the This Morning… Read More →

How to recreate Kate Middleton’s Chelsea Blow dry at home!

So Miss Independent Women, with the buzz of the royal baby I have had a lot of requests on Twitter and Facebook on how to create Kate Middleton’s blowdry at home. A lot of us were eager to hear if she was going to have a prince or a princess (Congratulations Kate and Will on the birth of your son Prince George of Cambridge) but another question that was on our mind is how will she have her hair whilst leaving hospital and she did not disappoint us, she looked radiant and very glamorous.   This brought back a lot of memeories for me when I had Tyler a year ago. I remember joking to my clients that I was… Read More →

Festival & Summer Hair Product Reviews with The Kelly Sisters

So ladies I wanted to share with you myself and my sister Mandy’s first ever time being in front of a camera. I am currently a Hair Expert for Superdrug Look at Me Blog. What i tend to do for this is do Blog Post’s on hair  “How To” and Video Tutorials with my sister as well as product reviews. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about the video, but most of all i really hope you enjoy it. Below is the link of my page on the Blog so please feel free to have a look. http://www.superdruglookatme.com/expert/sinead-kelly-sinead-kelly-london/   As always i love sharing my posts and videos with you all. And if you would like to contact… Read More →