MIW has its own resident ‘Guinea Pig’ and blogger of all things female, in the form of Sophie.
Sophie will try out different fads and tales in beauty, diet, fitness, health and report back to you on just how they actually rate, giving you the low down in a fun, honest and open way through her blogs and vlogs!
With all these magazines, experts, brands, grandmothers, TV programmes and scientists claiming ‘this that and the other’, isn’t it about time somebody told you whether it was actually worth your while?

She also provided us with fresh honest insights into the life of a normal young independent female finding her way, herself and her loves in life, sharing her daft thoughts and takes on all things female.

Why test it out when you can have Sophie do it for you?-In the spirit of Girl Power!- You name it and she will do it!
Email sophie your suggestions, old wives tales or products you’d like her to put to the test.

Happy 2014 MIW

Happy new year everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts in the run up to Christmas. My new puppy Delilah decided to poo under my desk. I folded down the laptop and ended up with my fan full of you know what. Lovely. Were all fixed now, But she is just gorgeous and I’m happy to report that she is getting the hang of the whole toilet training thing. I hope you all had the most incredible Christmas and are looking forward to an incredible 2014 with us here at MIW ! Happy new year MIWers 🙂 New Year and new resolutions! (Or not so new as they are often the same every year) last year I decided to do… Read More →

Erase those spots!

Hello ladies. So with the seasons Changing pretty dramatically here in London, literally going from humid and damp to wet freezing and windy over night, it’s played havoc with my skin. While recently I’ve been trying to stick to a good skin regime (cleansing, toning and moisturising) my skin still isn’t responding well to my current lifestyle. I work night shifts quite often and often have very little sleep and my life is a constant rush so along with that and the environment my skin isn’t looking to fresh. I wanted to try a new concealer. I decided, after staring at the dark circles round my eyes to get a ‘decent’ one. Not your standard drug store concealer which is… Read More →

Go Ombre!

Hello Girlies! So this week I thought I’d give Ombre hair a go! A few people had asked me what I thought of the new Loreal Paris DIY  Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits. Luckily, I love the look and fancied a bit of a style shake up anyway so I was more than happy to trial this one out. To achieve the on trend look normally costs a fair amount of money, however I was really surprised when I picked up a packet in Super-drug at its cost, less than £6! A beauty bargain! There were 3 colours available all resulting in light brown/blonde colours. Having naturally very dark hair I picked up Kit No1 for darker hair. I couldn’t wait to… Read More →

4 Calorie Pasta!?

Hi gorgeous ladies! So recently I got asked about food substitutes. Specifically zero noodles! These noodles are 8cals every 100g! WHAT!? That was my first reaction. And then how?? Well girls, These noodles are made pretty much from just water and vegetable fibre. They come in a little squishy pack that you could just store in your cupboard and at £1.99 per small pack (per serving) at Holland and Barrat, they don’t come too cheap either (Especially when you compare your standard supermarket noodles to these bags of water ) They are advertised as being An alternative to pasta in meals for those trying to achieve their weight loss goals. They also do rice and spaghetti alternatives too. So I… Read More →

Old wives tale put to the TEST! Guinea pig Video

Hey Ladies! We all want naturally longer looking lashes right? I mean who wouldn’t?  A rather tame one this week, but one I’m sure were all wanting to know! This week I took a look at an old wives tale. Does Vaseline make your eyelashes longer?  Well, that’s what my grandma always told me, amongst things like ‘oranges make your knees smooth,’ and ‘sitting too close to the fire gives your rickets.’ Hmm… So Grandma, I put you to the test!  At the risk of looking like I had permanent conjunctivitis and getting several whiteheads from covering my skin in grease every night, I gave it a go to let you know, just if it’s worth the hassle. Every night… Read More →

Girl! You’re Looking Gooood!

Hola my strong independent ladies! Just a short one but hopefully offering a little food for thought. I had my week made this week, by two complete strangers. 2 very different females I met at my gym. One was my age and had just finished uni and the other was a mummy to two children and was in her forties. On separate occasions, the ladies came up to me and complemented me on my figure and asked what I did so that they could aim for the same thing! Being completely female, I couldn’t understand why, but it was so refreshing to hear such gorgeous things and coming from two gorgeous women. The fact that it was women that had… Read More →

Juice2u – Take 2!

So ladies, This is the second time I have detoxed this year thanks to the lovely people at “Juice2u.” As you will know, i reviewed  their 3 day detox last time and had great results! You can read that review here! However, this time, it’s the 5 day one as opposed to the 3 day one. Scary was my first initial thought! 5 Days without food was a little daunting, but I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It almost became routine. Prior to this detox, I had really been working on building muscle and stripping fat, so I wasn’t expecting a huge weight loss as my muscle mass was  a lot higher… Read More →

Vogue reveals the secrets behind those glossy shoots

Vogue magazine has taken the bold step in revealing all the time and effort taken, that goes into those glossy images of those ‘super natural’ women gracing the front of magazines, in a tell all video aimed at teenage girls and young women. Having been a young teenager that suffered with body image, it really is about time something was done to educate young women, and prove that even they models on the front of these magazines, don’t even look like that! Vogue have revealed that, It takes a team of 20 professionals and up to three hours of work to make a supermodel look good enough for a photo shoot. British Vogue filmed one of its photo shoots to… Read More →

Seriously Semtex!- Gym Supplement review

Hi Gorgeous ladies! So in these past few months after settling into a job and auditions and quitting the waitress job that was taking over my life, I’ve recently rekindled my love for the gym! (nothing to do with the fact my new fella is a personal trainer! Honest :P) I’m a bit like a mad woman on a mission and after the “Juice2u” detox I recently reviewed, I was asked about what kind of supplements could keep you in Shape. I received a few emails about various weight loss pills that some of our girls wanted me to try and review for them, but being a big believer in that the only healthy way to loose weight and keep… Read More →


Hey lovely ladies! So this year, I was lucky enough to begun filming a brand new TV pilot called LUCKLESS! We premiered the episode in Leicester square at the begging of this month to industry professionals and it really has got an amazing buzz about it. It was an amazing night and the start of the Luckless epidemic. I wanted to share with you the trailer for ‘Luckless’ so you can see what I’ve been up to. It truly was the highlight of my year getting the opportunity to film with some incredible people and meeting amazing friends.  The full episode will be up and online soon for you to see, and then hopefully on your TV screen in the… Read More →