Girls! – 5 different ways to orgasms!

Same orgasm, different way to get there. Siski Green says buckle up and enjoy the ride…   Girls a life without orgasms is like a life without shopping! We need it to survive …in my opinion! It’s like total heaven to experience those kind of pleasurable feelings! While some woman find it easy to orgasm going solo whilst no one else is around, I wondered why it’s hard sometimes to get that incredible ‘O’ pleasure during sex with a partner. I was totally shocked when I read that 25% of woman have never had a single one! I saw this article and thought …oh yes ! For all the girls who totally aren’t experiencing ultimate orgasms…Hopefully this article will help… Read More →

ASOS Launch #BestNightEver Campaign

Charlotte Free, Azealia Banks & Ellie Goulding have festive fun with ASOS! ASOS has just launched its women’s Christmas campaign featuring some seriously stylish ladies in the form of hip-hop artist Azealia Banks, singer Ellie Goulding and model Charlotte Free. Chosen for their international resonance with fashion-driven women in their twenties, each of them lend their individual style to the series of imagery, video, editorial and online content. Charlotte Free TV presents a shoppable video of newly launched product. In a group of separate shots, viewers are encouraged to replicate Charlotte’s signature poses and post them to the ASOS Instagram page – tagged with #BestPoseEver – for entry into a Facebook gallery. Customers will also have the opportunity to guess Charlotte’s stocking-fillers for a… Read More →


  Cosmo’s Ultimate Editor’s Choice: Stephanie Kercher by Rosie Mullender When Cosmo’s Rosie Mullender interviewed Stephanie Kercher, she found her to be a worthy winner of an Ultimate Women Award – and was left feeling truly inspired When I first met Stephanie Kercher, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her sister, Meredith, was brutally murdered in Perugia, Italy, five years ago, and having lived in the glare of the media throughout the high-profile trial that followed, she had, understandably, shunned interviews with the press. But with the fifth anniversary of Meredith’s death looming, and Stephanie’s decision to launch a fund to help her parents financially as their fight for justice continues, she agreed to meet me to talk about her… Read More →

Ten Easy Tips for a Healthier Diet

Ten tips to help keep a healthy lifestyle and diet: Eat small meals often through the day DON’T skip meals Eat a good amount of fibre with each meal Eat your proteins (fish, meat, dairy, nuts) Within reason, eat fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates (eat more whole-grains and less white breads and pasta etc) Reduce unhealthy saturated fats Reduce salt Reduce alcohol Drink plenty of water (thirst is often the same feeling as hunger) Make sure you treat yourself every so often though. Changing your diet can be hard so allow yourself a few treats every now and then. This will make sticking to it easier.

Strengthening and Sculpting your Legs and Bum

Having a great bum and great legs makes you feel confident and will leave a lasting impression on those watching you walk away ;). If you’re suffering from a lifeless behind then these exercises could help you sculpt the perfect you. Here are the best exercises to tone your bum and legs. Squats are the best exercise for you to do to tone, shape and strengthen your bum and legs. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight, push your bum out and bend at your knees. Your knees should be in line with your toes as you squat down towards the floor. Push through the heals of your feet when coming back up still keeping your… Read More →

How to Look Hot Like Olivia Wilde

As soon as we saw Olivia Wilde‘s rocker chic style at a recent Glamour Magazine event, we knew we had to have it. The actress boldly embraced the fierce fall leather trend, doubling up on sexy lace-up pants and an AllSaints gray moto jacket. Here are our picks for recreating Wilde’s tough but tasteful look—on a budget, of course. Check out our picks for stealing her style:   Trend Alert! Stars Love Leather Moto Jackets   1. Zip it on: A weathered zippered moto jacket mimics the soft-to-the-touch look of Wilde’s topper. ($89.99 at ModCloth.) 2. Lace up:  A pair of corset-inspired skinny jeans adds just the right amount of effortless edge. (On sale at Nasty Gal for $61.60.) 3. Go long: Top off the luxe leather look with a long knit tank. (Reduced to $8.50… Read More →


1 Direction Harry Styles and 20 year old Victoria Secrets model Cara Delevingne have been spotted out on a few dates, however according to insiders Harry has confided in his dad,Des 54, about his close relationship with the model. Harry thinks she could be the one. Harry’s spokesperson refused to comment on the pair, but did say that Harry is currently single! MIW’s POSITION OF THE WEEK THE ‘EROTIC V’ This position demands certain acrobatic capacities! The woman sits down on a table edge. The man stands before it and bends his legs so he’s in the best “entering” position. Now she braces herself by putting her arms around his neck, pulls first the right, then the left leg up… Read More →

MIW’s best party dresses

First up: we have a set a frocks for the ladies willing to show a little bit of skin. Me-ow! For the ultimate girly-girl, we’re OB-SESSED with this totally glam ASOS super snug at the waist, and then flares out for an oh-so-feminine silhouette. The surprise is the back of the dress, though, which is totally open! If you want to go ALL OUT when partying, we recommend this ombre teal-to-copper Topshop metallic dress with cut-outs on the front and back of the frock ($360). All eyes will be on you! Another dress we love oh-so-much is this jewel-encrusted ASOS shift ($80).  The black dress is covered in multicolored gems and sequins for a bold but beautiful look that can be… Read More →