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I am an imperfect obsessive beauty, fashion, music, puppy & chocolate lover. I LOVE LIFE & like many women, I’m on a path to become the best possible person I can be. HERE I will share what I think is BEAUTIFUL, POSITIVE, FUNNY and USEFUL and also share my mistakes and downfalls in the hope you will do the same!
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5 tips to keep your posture fighting fit

  Gaining good posture is one of the most underrated ways to instantly change your appearance, and in time, your health. Standing straight and square makes you look fitter and taller (and it improves your alertness and vitality to boot). But the effects aren’t just skin deep; over time, maintaining good posture will help keep your back strong, reducing back pain and injury. By staying active and being mindful of your form, you can convince your body that it is years younger – and your appearance will follow suit. Here are Five Ways to Have Good Posture 1. Stand up How’s your posture right now? Are you slouching because you feel tired at the moment? You can perk up by… Read More →

What’s your shoe personality

“Why do you need so many shoes?” If you’ve ever been asked this question by a guy, you’re probably going to love a great new Web service calledJustFabulous. Born from a deep appreciation of a woman’s relationship with shoes, the website is dedicated to the needs of the average shoe addict. Why are so many women addicted to shoes?  The explanations range from the practical to the therapeutic.  On the practical side, we know no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes.  So, for every look we go out in, of course we need a unique pair of shoes to top it off!  Shoes also last longer than clothes–because unlike our dress size, our shoe size doesn’t change—so,… Read More →

Towie catch up

You can’t all be Sandy! Ferne McCann, Sam and Billie Faiers wear identical black off-the-shoulder jumpsuits to karaoke bar Sandy’s good-girl-gone-bad outfit is one of the most iconic in cinematic history, and Essex saw it emulated three times on Wednesday night thanks to three girls in particular. Sam Faiers, her sister Billie and best friend Ferne McCann strutted their stuff in identical off-the-shoulder jumpsuits and stilettos to film TOWIE at a karaoke bar. Awkward: Sam Faiers, her sister Billie and best friend Ferne all show up to TOWIE filming wearing the same outfits Each jumpsuit featured a cut-away segment which showed off their abs, with a gold metal panel just beneath. More… ‘A seat each and they still have to… Read More →

Rihanna hits back at reporter

Rihanna has hit back at Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones after her latest article branded the singer a “toxic role model for her army of young fans”. Liz also accused the Grammy Award-winning artist of dressing in a way that “surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least   ‘Diamonds’ star Rihanna is known for doing and saying exactly what she wants, and it looks like Liz may have picked the wrong star to chastise this time. Defending herself via Instagram, Rihanna posted what looks like a photoshopped image of Liz along with the frank and feisty message below: “LOL!!!! My money got a bad habit of pissing people off!! If you sincerely wanna help little girls more than their own parents… Read More →

Awesome fathers day gifts

If you’re sick of buying dad his traditional socks every fathers day, then look no further!  It’s always a tough choice on what to buy our dear old dads, every christmas and on fathers day I buy mine a new pair of socks,some speckled hen or a good bottle of whisky! Although he’s never complained and just loves even just a card, I thought it’s about time our dear lil daddies get spoilt with something a bit more unpredictably special! So when I came across this article I had to share! Hopefully this will help you knock the socks off your dad this fathers day!   Grilling Tools Gear Dad up for grilling season with tools that’ll take him way beyond hotdogs… Read More →

Top Ten Wedding Guest Fashion Tips

The 10 top fashion rules for wedding guests, with peak wedding season just around the corner, invitations are beginning to roll in and guests are eagerly planning their outfits for the summer nuptials ahead. We all look forward to a good wedding, there’s nothing more exciting than throwing on your best frock and getting down to some romantic celebrations! However choosing the right dress is never easy! Finding that elegant classy yet individual look is quite a job!  Along with the biggest fashion disaster hanging over all women’s heads of turning up to find someone wearing the same dress as you! For some just simply knowing what the right type of thing to wear is just as bigger struggle!   It’s can… Read More →

OMG Fashion!

Good girls secretly love to bad and in shopping terms you can afford to be bad here girls, if you love fashion and a bargain you’ll be in your element visiting OMG Fashion! We all like a good shopping spree and if it’s at the right price you can shop more excessively for that holiday while affording to keep up with the new trends, and still have money to treat yourself more often! I am a big fan of shopping online and much prefer the exclusive boutique vibe you get from online shopping. I found OMG fashion boutique great! With not many outfits stretching over the £25.00 mark, you can really over indulge for once! Here’s a few outfits i’ve picked… Read More →

The best summer face cream

So it’s that time of the year the sun is shining but it doesn’t feel hot enough to sunbathe, I feel pasty and i’m completely obsessing about the weather, willing it to become warm so I can get out and sun myself! Like most of us at this time of year, we don’t think to protect our skin, after all it’s doesnt really feel hot enough right? Wrong! The smallest amount of sunlight can have huge damaging effects on your skin even if it doesn’t feel like a particularly hot day! The best way to ensure you’re always protected is to use a moisturiser with a good SPF in it. Here’s my recommended choice – St Tropez moisturiser SPF 50. Although i… Read More →