Romance on hold – Parents at Work!

    The dynamic has changed with the arrival of E and me and husband are so exhausted the mere thought of a date night it sometimes makes us even sleepier. ‘Want the kids overnight mum? Sure!’ Then our plans for a wild night, to go out and paint the town red slowly fizzle out and we end up at the cinema scoffing sugary treats to stay awake and watch a film like ‘normal’ couples. Ahhhh  those 1st dates we used to have – remember them?   We secretly hope we have enough energy to get home and….well you know. We now retire to bed as soon as the house looks vaguely tidy (I can’t see this changing for another 15… Read More →

The class of Clancy!

Abbey Clancy launches her latest stunning collection for Matalan and is the new face of the Reebok’s work out range. When it comes to fashion yummy mummy Abbey Clancy certainly means business, the mother of two who proudly welcomed a daughter named Liberty Rose with her Husband Peter Crouch last month, shows just what an independent Woman she is as juggles family life and her busy career. Abbey designed the 70’s inspired Matalan range which includes some vintage pieces and statement prints, it’s really affordable and is extremely fresh, fun and sexy with an element of “Clancy class!”   Abbey 29 is much like any other woman revealing she suffers from body insecurities, so she pays extra attention to her… Read More →

Baby thoughts and boobs

Already I am starting to think about baby things needed. To be entirely honest, its more about the things we didn’t get which I wish we had (more dummies for starters) because I really did over buy useless things the 1st time. I think all new mums or dad’s can be seduced by lots of lovely items that you use once or twice and then leave to fester away in drawers and cupboards haha! At least the big spend is out the way and we have our travel system, car seats and nursery furniture!                 Planning to breastfeed again is a big decision for me as I found it so bloody awful the… Read More →

Celeb Mum Looks!

So following on from my post on mummy make up (with help from the amazing Kevin Fortune), I wanted to share my favourite ‘celeb mum’ looks with you! Now, granted, we all don’t get to swing around looking amazing in our Louboutins like Victoria Beckham or have the A list help when it comes to styling but I do like to see what the new celebrity mums styles are and how they cope with new mum looks! They have so much help from stylists, trend setters and all round fashion and make up Guru’s – I always have a little nosey! Beyonce looks so beautiful and natural here with baby Blue Ivy. Rocking a red lip, clean skin and little… Read More →