It’s all about the nails

Nail Art  Now I love nail polish but seeing all the different design and bling on offer there is to use, looks scarily detailed and off putting if you’re wanting to create this look yourself. DONT BE SCARED! There is hope. The problem is we all live busy lives and don’t have time to sit down and create all these different designs as much as we would like to. So it is easier to book a slot at a nail salon and have them create the look for you, right? Well we are all guilty of this, myself included, but this can be expensive to keep up and I hadn’t realised how fun and none time consuming this can actually… Read More →


Christmas time is my favourite time of year, I absolutely love decorating the house, christmas shopping and spending time with family and friends! Oh did I mention drinking champagne and eating chocolate…for breakfast!! One of my christmas to do’s is to buy a christmas jumper! I mean after all when else can you rock up in some of the coolest weird jumpers with deer prints all over it and actually be the envy of your all your friends! Another of my fav ways to get in the festive spirit goes beyond decorating the tree! I love nail art and although there are a lot of salons that create there own designs some are just really tacky! Here are some of my… Read More →