Which colours attract men

Get Your Colours Right for Dating Success By our self-help expert and dating coach Dr Pam Spurr In my new book on dating I’ve covered how the colours you wear say so much about your personality when you go on a date. Of course every fashionista knows how colour can make a killer impact, but for the rest of us it can be a mystery.  We know the basics like if you want someone to notice you then definitely wear red. But something like black can be either sexy and sensual or conservative. In my new dating guide I mention how when certain colours work better – or worse – at creating attraction and sexual chemistry. So don’t forget you definitely… Read More →


What he says about other women and what it says about him as a potential partner!  By our self-help expert and dating coach Dr Pam Spurr If you’re single and dating, or maybe just met someone, it’s confusing about how to tell what a man’s really like. Because we know everyone puts their best foot forward at first. So is he as good as he seems? Sadly you might discover down the line he’s actually not so nice. With hindsight you realise you missed signals showing he wasn’t worth your time.  But now it’s too late, you’ve been hurt or it’s just not been a good experience. Many women tell me if only they’d seen it coming they wouldn’t have… Read More →

Back in the dating game?

Hello girls. Well I’m writing to you after on of the most awkward first dates ever. Bearing in mind it’s the first proper one I’ve been on since breaking up (I’ve had other casual drinks etc but no actual full on dates) This was a full on one on one meal with a guy I met drunkenly in a club for about 20mins who ended up with my number. Standard. :/ oh lord Sophie! I wouldn’t normally agree to meet up with someone I barley knew but thanks to some persistent persuasion from my best friend I just though ‘stuff it!’ And went. (Remind me to kill her later!) so already I was approaching the date with negative feelings. The… Read More →