The Un-sporty Mum

Ok…. let me confirm from the get go, my little family are NOT the sporty type. We don’t revel in long hikes, we don’t all trundle up on our bikes and go for family rides nor do my husband and I have sporty hobbies. We are active of course but not in that ‘sporty’ way. At age 11, I was told that I would never been the athletic type. I was in the 2nd group (B team) at school for PE and with my curvy hips and large boobs things like long distance track or active type games requiring a less than attractive sports bra fitting at our local C&A, just didn’t fit well with my cool school cred. I… Read More →

Julie Elliott MP Fab fashionable and fearless

Julie Elliott MP

Interview with Julie Elliott MP Fab, fashionable and fearless.  I strolled confidently into the parliamentary building that is the stunning Portcullis House in Westminster feeling a little like Reese Witherspoon entering court in the film ‘Legally Blonde’! I felt fabulous, fashionable and fearless woohoo! Bring it! Ladies, today we can reach our goals make-up or no make-up!  Women like Julie Elliot MP  a real woman from a working class background, who dared to enter into the upper echelons of parliamentary power and proving that you can be fabulous, fashionable and fearless. I am intrigued to investigate… Joy Why don’t you think there are more women in Politics? Julie (who talks in a soft Sunderland lilt that secretly seems to say… Read More →

Blockbuster Life

What would you do if you were the Director of a film? You’ve been given the chance to direct a big blockbuster. You have complete control over the story line, it will be all yours with a great supporting cast and production team. You’re also the lead role. What would you do with that set of circumstances? What story would you create and tell? Ideas for your plot line. An everyday scene. Woman goes to work comes home, goes to work and comes home, keeps a nice house, and tries to keep a nice body as she compares herself to famous people everyday in magazines and newspapers. She wants to be attractive so she can meet the man of her… Read More →