Using your mouthpiece

I play the flute and use a mouthpiece – hurrah! Apart from being tons of breathy fun any woodwind player will also tell you about the importance of the mouthpiece, as a sound has to be made first before the player can then formulate notes which in turn lead to the wonders of music. So I believe the correlation commences between a persons ability to vocalise life experience, which then can benefit others and create a melody that resonates hope and life wherever we go. This week as some of you may know is National Adoption Week in the UK, a time when the Nation pauses for thought and considers the concept of the family unit in all its variants… Read More →

2nd Baby syndrome?

I woke up in a bit of a panic yesterday – 12 weeks left till this little addition to our family arrive and we are so unorganised. Is this 2nd child syndrome or me being totally lax about the whole thing? I remember having the nursery done and full of lovely baby things and packs of nappies etc etc all ready in plenty of time 3 years ago. I even think I had the beginnings of a hospital bag. I was slightly more neurotic then – more time on my hands and more job stress so being super-duper organised was the only way we could cope with the imminent arrival of baby 1! Now we are trying to get Fin… Read More →

Easter Fun

Ahhh I love Easter. Especially now as I can get away (a little) by asking for chocolate 🙂 The last few years I have not had an Easter Egg trying to shift weight so this year I have decided to ask for one 🙂 I quite fancy these stunning eggs from Fortnum and Mason – have a look here !                     I have never really entertained Easter with fin but this year we have decided to really celebrate the occasion. He is already asking questions about flowers, baby lambs and bunnies (I think the marketing campaigns are working haha!) and obviously many of you may be celebrating Easter in a religious sense… Read More →

What is family?

Family I believe is whatever we define it to be.  We live in a world that encourages us to complain about everything ‘if you don’t like it then take it back to the shop and get a full refund… ‘ But can you do that to your parents? Pack up your Nectar points and tell ‘em to move on? And should we? I think it is imperative to remember that no matter what you think of your mum and dad they are just older children, people who have been around a lot longer than you.  Also we all have skills and talents and there is an age when you have to celebrate the wonderful things about your folks as that… Read More →

Family Festivals

Want to get down with the kids – I literally mean kids – at a family friendly festival? All the rage for yummy mummies, earth mummies, fun mummies – even non mummies! Family festivals offer families the chance to take the kids away for the weekend and enjoy the festival life (albeit at a slightly less crazy pace)! I have listed some of the most popular below and also in my opinion, the best of the bunch!     Starry Skies Festival Not just a pretty name but a wonderful festival in South Wales which offers great camping, great facilities and a jam packed schedule of activities. Perfect for those with older kids as the programme of events are varied and fun… Read More →