I Love Me Campaign !!

I love me Campaign /¬†‘The MIW body confidence boost’ We aren’t always good at feeding ourselves with confidence or celebrating how great we are, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Simply share this video and Tag one of your besties on fb/twitter and tell her two things you love about her, use tags #MIW2thingsiloveaboutyou¬†@MIWmagazine Let’s spread some positivite Girl-Tude and confidence to our girls across the globe !      

Girl! You’re Looking Gooood!

Hola my strong independent ladies! Just a short one but hopefully offering a little food for thought. I had my week made this week, by two complete strangers. 2 very different females I met at my gym. One was my age and had just finished uni and the other was a mummy to two children and was in her forties. On separate occasions, the ladies came up to me and complemented me on my figure and asked what I did so that they could aim for the same thing! Being completely female, I couldn’t understand why, but it was so refreshing to hear such gorgeous things and coming from two gorgeous women. The fact that it was women that had… Read More →