I Love Me Campaign !!

I love me Campaign / ‘The MIW body confidence boost’ We aren’t always good at feeding ourselves with confidence or celebrating how great we are, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Simply share this video and Tag one of your besties on fb/twitter and tell her two things you love about her, use tags #MIW2thingsiloveaboutyou @MIWmagazine Let’s spread some positivite Girl-Tude and confidence to our girls across the globe !      

Hold you head high and your hair higher

So girls, break ups are hard aren’t they? Wether it was a mutual agreement or not it sucks! Maybe you fell out of love maybe you didn’t, maybe someone cheated maybe you just grew apart. What ever has happened it’s still isn’t easy right? Now some people get knocked down and some people pick themselves right back up again. I like to think of myself as the latter. Who wants to wallow in self pity and become a wreck? What you need to do is get yourself completely back out there. Not to show them what they are missing but to show yourself that you still have what it takes. Nothing feels better then getting a new outfit, getting big… Read More →

#nomakeupselfie #effyoucancer

The no make up selfie, love it or hate it the campaign that was started via Facebook worked. Not only did people start donating first of all but cancer research actually saw a massive surge in donations. 1 million in donations Then 2 WOW!!!   There were many comments that i saw people writing via social networking sites. ‘how is a no make up selfie helping raise awareness??’ ….’they are all attention seeking just donate’…i am pretty sure you guys saw many more. (HOW WRONG WERE THEY??) Girls stood together side by side, telling each other how beautiful they looked without the make up, encouraging other girls to do the same. I am so happy to say that it made… Read More →

Dare to milk_shake your hair?

Hello hello beautiful ladies, We are into the second month of the New-year and as promised i am introducing new products to you…some of you may know them, some of you may not but either way you will be delightfully surprised by the ones i have enjoyed already this year! Ok so a lovely gentleman i know has recently opened his own hair and beauty supplier in my local area (Wonderfullife is the name, check it out they have a website), there i was like a kid in a candy shop. Now as a hairdresser something new opening like this is amazing, i guess you could compare it a Topshop sale (you know the ones where you can buy loads… Read More →

Seriously Semtex!- Gym Supplement review

Hi Gorgeous ladies! So in these past few months after settling into a job and auditions and quitting the waitress job that was taking over my life, I’ve recently rekindled my love for the gym. I’m a bit like a mad woman on a mission and after the “Juice2u” detox I recently reviewed, I was asked about what kind of supplements could keep you in Shape. I received a few emails about various weight loss pills that some of our girls wanted me to try and review for them, but being a big believer in that the only healthy way to loose weight and keep it off, is to eat healthily and exercise I didn’t want to fund placebo weight… Read More →

How to get Festival Fabulous!

It’s festival time and what a great time of year it is. Fab music, sunshine, clothes, friends, lots of cider…Oh and great looking hair!! So with no way to wash your glorious locks unless you are not hardcore and are staying in a hotel in the evenings, then here are a few tips on keeping fab! Here are my 3 must have items!!! Most important of all i thinks is dry shampoo– great for all hair types, just spray into the root and give a slight rub in! Will take away any greasy look and smells amazing so will keep your hair smelling fabulous! Be careful not to put too much in dark hair as it can look a little dusty looking!… Read More →