Hold you head high and your hair higher

So girls, break ups are hard aren’t they? Wether it was a mutual agreement or not it sucks! Maybe you fell out of love maybe you didn’t, maybe someone cheated maybe you just grew apart. What ever has happened it’s still isn’t easy right? Now some people get knocked down and some people pick themselves right back up again. I like to think of myself as the latter. Who wants to wallow in self pity and become a wreck? What you need to do is get yourself completely back out there. Not to show them what they are missing but to show yourself that you still have what it takes. Nothing feels better then getting a new outfit, getting big… Read More →

Secret of september

  Hey lovely ones, its been a while hasn’t it? After a whirlwind few months im back with all of my fave hair related tales to share with you! Can you believe we have hit the month of september already? Madness!! Now not everyone is a fan of september, for me i love it you can completely re vamp yourself after the summer months and give yourself a gorgeous glow for the winter months to follow. Here is a little check list of what i look for before i think about any re vamp… How does hair in general look? Too many split ends from to much sun? Dry and brittle? Does blonde look brassy or colour look dull from… Read More →

Beautiful Balayage or Outstanding Ombre

Now some of you may not have heard of balayage and many of you my have heard of ombre. The problem that everyone seems to be having is that they are pretty similar and we are not quite sure which is which. To be fair they are pretty similar. The main things that make them different is the technique that would be used to achieve the look and the vibrancy and area  in which the colour is. So if you are a little confused as to whats what and which one you prefer…have no fear. I am here to talk you through all you need to know. The Ombre .. Ombre seems the be the look that we saw first… Read More →

What a difference a day makes #Copperrocks!

Hello gorgeous ones, Hope you all had the most beautiful easter and filled up on lots and lots of choc. How fab was the sun( apart from the sunday)….Now something happened last week and as i have said in my previous blog that my aim this year is to go lighter asap!! I know this is the case for many of you out there. Loads of clients have been into the salon since the sun has been shining and doing exactly the same. We were a little quiet one day so i decided to do a test piece on my hair to make sure it would be strong enough to take bleach, just incase it could happen. To my delight… Read More →

Spring clean that colour…me please!!

It has happened already! Exactly like i knew it would. The sun has started to shine and i keep seeing lovely light hair all over the place and i want it!! I said to myself i would be good, try and keep my hair the same colour, look after it a little bit more..! I just don’t think i can, i don’t want to have sensible hair!  I am not sure if it is in my nature. Ever since i started my apprenticeship nearly 11 years ago i have been the same. Every few months a complete overhaul constantly changing my appearance. (My bf reckons i am on the run) but since last July i have kept to a pretty… Read More →

#nomakeupselfie #effyoucancer

The no make up selfie, love it or hate it the campaign that was started via Facebook worked. Not only did people start donating first of all but cancer research actually saw a massive surge in donations. 1 million in donations Then 2 WOW!!!   There were many comments that i saw people writing via social networking sites. ‘how is a no make up selfie helping raise awareness??’ ….’they are all attention seeking just donate’…i am pretty sure you guys saw many more. (HOW WRONG WERE THEY??) Girls stood together side by side, telling each other how beautiful they looked without the make up, encouraging other girls to do the same. I am so happy to say that it made… Read More →

Pastel Power

Hello gorgeous ones, I am guessing i am not the only one who is absolutely in love with the sunshine that has been graced upon us these last few days. Living in the very south of England suddenly seems like a beautiful place to be :D. Now not only is the sun allowing us to tuck them winter coats away, it is also giving us the fresh hope that holidays are around the corner and our hair can now unleash! Now as you can see from the recent blog our beautiful MIW Polly Lawton has written- ‘Pretty pastels’ are here and are here to stay. Not only within the fashion sector but hair alike. Now i have blogged about hair… Read More →

Battle of the bun

  Nothing beats a good bun! Wether it is a carefully crafted look or something we have done in 2 mins, it always does us justice and looks fab.Now i can’t help but see some of the men have jumped on the band wagon too and have been doing the same. This now leaves one question …who works them best??? The Man bun??   Jared Leto, Joaquin phoenix and Alex Ebert were winners at the golden globes…not sure they were winners in the style stakes,what do you think?? Men with messy buns i just don’t know???? Now i can see the appeal, i have been watching Sons of Anarchy lately and the biker bun is kinda doing it for me,… Read More →

Wooly warmer

February….the month that doesn’t know quite what it is…sometimes the sun shines and we all cross the road to walk in that one spot of sun. Sometimes it rains and the odd morning we wake up to a bit of frost (talk about most confused month of year.) Now the one thing i have noticed more than anything this year, and i am no weather lady is that absolute horrendous chill. The one that smacks you right in the ears and almost certainly makes you not want to wear you hair any higher than your neck on an early start. ( i do feel for the boys.) The one fab thing about the chill is that we can dig out… Read More →

Dare to milk_shake your hair?

Hello hello beautiful ladies, We are into the second month of the New-year and as promised i am introducing new products to you…some of you may know them, some of you may not but either way you will be delightfully surprised by the ones i have enjoyed already this year! Ok so a lovely gentleman i know has recently opened his own hair and beauty supplier in my local area (Wonderfullife is the name, check it out they have a website), there i was like a kid in a candy shop. Now as a hairdresser something new opening like this is amazing, i guess you could compare it a Topshop sale (you know the ones where you can buy loads… Read More →